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Red Ross: The Funniest Ross Episodes Of Friends

By Max / Published on Sunday, 07 Apr 2019 08:08 AM / No Comments / 409 views

Ross Geller is perhaps the most underrated friend. He never seems to get enough credit for all of the hilarious memories he’s given us over the years. As the show went on and Ross was put through two more failed marriages among other things, he kept getting crazier and funnier.

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Before we reveal the ten funniest Ross episodes, we have a few honorable mentions: “The One with Joey’s New Brain” in which Ross plays bagpipes, “The One with the Stripper” in which Ross is caught between a rock and a hard place with his new girlfriend Mona and Rachel’s dad who thinks Ross knocked her up and refused to marry her, “The One with Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner” where he makes up a Chandler-level sarcastic story, “The One with the Jellyfish” where he yells out “we were on a break,” and the one where he finds out about Chandler and Monica. Now, the big ten.

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Ross freaking out about stuff is always funny. In “The One Where Rachel Tells…” Ross finds out that his one-night stand with Rachel has resulted in pregnancy. When he’s hit with this information, you can almost see the wheels turning in Ross’s head as his mouth falls open and he stares at Rachel in a stupor. As he slowly comes to his senses he starts talking about condoms and he’s faced with yet another surprising discovery, that condoms only work 97% of the time.

Indignant, and seemingly having forgotten what the conversation is supposed to be about, he starts talking about how they should put that warning on the box and in huge block letters. He then proceeds to call the condom company to complain about their product, at which point Rachel decides to leave. Everything about Ross’s reaction is absolutely priceless – from the hilarious faces he makes as he tries to process the information, to the way he yells out “well they should put that on the box.”



In this hilarious episode, our poor dinosaur boy gets his teeth whitened for his big date with Monica’s co-worker. However, because this is Ross we’re talking about, he messes up by leaving the gel on too long, which results in disturbingly white teeth. He tries everything to make his teeth less noticeable and frightening, but nothing works.

So, during the date, Ross tries to hide his teeth by keeping his mouth shut most of the time, and putting his hand, a slice of bread, and a wine glass over his mouth while talking. And he would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for that damn black light. Because when his date turned down the lights, Ross’s white teeth lit up like a Christmas tree, and it’s an image we’ll never be able to get out of our heads.




In this season seven episode, Ross gets Ben for the holidays and decides to teach him all about Hanukkah. But when Ben shows little interest in the Santa-less holiday, Ross is forced to go on a hunt for a Santa outfit two days before Christmas. Of course, he doesn’t find one and thus makes up a new holiday tradition: the Holiday Armadillo – which should totally be a thing, by the way.

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And because Armadillos also wandered in the desert, Ross tells Ben that aside from being Santa’s representative for the Southern states and Mexico, he’s also part Jewish. Ben agrees to listen to Holiday Armadillo talk about Hanukkah and from there on the whole ordeal gets even more ridiculous. The Armadillo gets interrupted by both Santa (Chandler) and Superman (Joey), resulting in a very modern take on Hanukkah, with Superman flying all the Jews out of Egypt – something the Armadillo wasn’t so thrilled about.



In the one that should have been called The One with Ross’s Fake Accent, Monica and Rachel go NYU to meet with Ross, who had recently started teaching there, and they make a startling discovery. Turns out, Ross has been speaking in a fake British accent in order to get his student’s attention. Unfortunately, Ross didn’t pick up anything from his ex-wife Emily because his British accent is pretty terrible in the most hilarious way.

But it gets even worse when he starts phasing out the accent at which point he begins to sound like a broken computer. And just when he finally clears the air with his students, an angry Rachel appears upset that he lied about getting the annulment, prompting Ross to revert to his fake-accent persona with a jolly “why ‘ello Rachel.”




In the deceptively titled “The One with the Cop,” Ross and Rachel go to a furniture store so that Ross can get a couch for his new apartment. Being the cheapskate that he is, he convinces Rachel to carry the couch to his apartment. In the episode’s funniest scene, Ross, Rachel, and Chandler attempt to get the couch up the narrow stairway in Ross’s building.

When they get to the corner, Ross starts ridiculously yelling out “pivot” sending us into a fit of laughter and prompting Chandler to respond with “shut up.” The infamous “pivot scene” is widely regarded as one of the funniest Friends scenes ever, and it’s all thanks to Ross being absolutely batshit crazy. The end tag shows Ross returning the couch, that has now been cut in half and asking for an exchange. He gets four dollars store credit instead.



In this season ten episode, Ross decides to get a spray-on tan, seeing how good it looks on Monica. Shenanigans ensue and after a series of hilarious mishaps he ends up getting sprayed four times on his front, prompting him to yell out in horror “I’m an eight.” The next day, he goes to Monica and Chandler’s apartment to get ridiculed by Chandler, learn how to count to five, and get a cute nickname, Miss Hawaiian Tropic.

But, this is Ross we’re talking about and, of course, it gets much, much worse. To even out the ebony and ivory situation, he goes to a different tanning place. Unfortunately, he interrupts poor Glenda when she attempts to give him instructions, and as a result, gets sprayed on his front again. Each and every Ross scene in this episode is brilliantly acted, achingly funny, and unforgettable. By the end of the episode, Ross has successfully camouflaged himself on a brown leather couch.




Hoo boy, here we go. In season five episode “The One with All the Resolutions,” Ross decides to make a New Years’ resolution to do something new every day. So, the very next day, he ends up buying a pair of tight, good-smelling leather pants, which get him into a sticky situation at his date’s apartment.

Burning up in his constricting and hot leather pants, Ross goes to the bathroom to freshen up, however, when he attempts to get the pants back on they won’t budge. Desperate, he even takes Joey’s advice, putting first powder and then lotion on his legs to no avail. Seeing as there’s nothing else to do, Ross walks out of the bathroom with his legs covered in white paste and his hot leather pants in his hands. While we do feel sorry for him throughout the whole ordeal, it’s impossible not to laugh at David Schwimmer’s high-pitched voice, side-splitting facial expressions, and impeccable delivery.



“The One with Unagi” is one of Friends’ funniest episodes, and largely thanks to Ross. This is the post-Emily-divorce, post-sandwich-incident, post-Rachel-divorce Ross, meaning he’s at his peak crazy. So, when Rachel and Phoebe go to a self-defense class, Ross teaches them about the importance of unagi, supposedly the Japanese concept of total awareness, not to be confused with the freshwater eel. To prove they’re not ready to defend themselves against surprise attacks, he successfully scares them in the hallway. They get him back by sneaking into his apartment and cause him to scream like a little girl.

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To exert his revenge, Ross then sneaks into their apartment but ends up pinned to the ground. Frustrated, Ross goes to ask a self-defense instructor for advice on attacking two women, which goes as well as you can imagine. All of these scenes are absolutely hilarious and some of Schwimmer’s best work on Friends, proving that Ross is funniest when he’s completely bonkers.



When Ross walked into Central Perk and greeted everyone with his depressing “hi” we knew something was wrong, but not in a million years would we have guessed that Ross was upset about a sandwich. In this side-splitting episode, Ross gets worked up when someone at work eats his sandwich – or as he put it, the only good thing going on in his life. Ross then starts leaving aggressive notes on his lunch, earning the nickname Mental.

One thing leads to another and Ross ends up yelling at his boss who, as it turns out, ate his sandwich. He gets sent to a psychiatrist, who gives him a pill and puts him on sabbatical. Sedated and blissfully eating cotton candy, he tells Chandler and Monica all about his rage in one of the funniest scenes you’ll ever see. The sandwich incident is Ross’s tipping point. In a way, this episode gave us all the wonderful crazy Ross moments that came later.



“The One Where Ross is Fine” is without a doubt the ultimate Ross episode. It all starts when Ross walks in on Joey and Rachel kissing. Naturally, this upsets him, to say the least, but he decides to play it cool. Delivering the unforgettable line “I’m fine” in his squeakiest voice, he reassures Joey and Rachel that there’s nothing to worry about and invites them to have fajitas with him and Charlie at his apartment.

At the dinner date, Ross is still insisting he’s fine though it’s obvious he’s gone off the deep end. The entire ordeal is hysterical and has us in tears every time we re-watch it. From the fajitas and the margaritas, to the L-O-V-E toast, to the flan for three, Schwimmer brings his A-game and virtually single-handedly pulls off one of the top five funniest episodes of Friends.

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