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RHONY’s Ramona Singer Stops Quarantining with Ex Mario after Buying Apartment

By Max / Published on Friday, 15 May 2020 10:10 AM / No Comments / 39 views

The Real Housewives of New York City’s Ramona Singer has moved out of her ex-husband’s Mario Singer’s apartment where she has been self-isolating for two months into a new apartment in Boca Raton. Ramona, who was diagnosed with Lyme Disease shortly before going to Boca, felt it was finally time to have her own space.

The Real Housewives of New York City fans can all agree that Ramona and Mario Singer’s quarantine reunion was the best thing to come out of quarantine. Since social distancing began in March, Ramona had been self-isolating at her ex-husband Mario’s home in Boca Raton with their daughter, Avery Singer. OG fans still mourn the days of the happy Upper East Side Singer family before the end of their 20-year marriage was broadcast on-screen following Mario’s affair. A friendship remained, somehow, and Mario has made frequent appearances on the show, an outcome much different than other exes of The Real Housewives of New York City past (“Please don’t let it be about Tom!”). In the same way, quarantine will continue for the foreseeable future, it seems so will Ramona’s bond with Mario.

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In a video posted on her daughter Avery’s Instagram story Wednesday night and then confirmed by Bravo, the Bravo star excitedly proclaimed, “We moved! We’re together and not with the ex.” In a separate Instagram video, Ramona carried a glass of wine in her hand (probably Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio) and said, “I just moved to a new place, all for me and Avery. I’m loving it. It’s modern and [has] beautiful ocean views. It’s fabulous.” When a follower commented to ask how she found a place so quickly in a photo she posted eating dinner, Ramona responded, “It’s a friend’s place who graciously lent.” Another follower asked why she moved out of Mario’s home at all, to which she replied: “Stayed with him 8 weeks…time to have a place of my own.” Check out the post of Ramona eating dinner in her new apartment below:

At least the eight weeks of them together brought us some of the best moments of quarantine. Most people clean in old rags, but when Ramona decided to clean for the first time since her The Real Housewives of New York City debut in 2008, she chose sexy over sad. She donned a lacy silk negligée to go with her toilet brush while self-isolating, and fortunately, it was broadcast all over Instagram for her fans (and Mario) to enjoy. She also pulled out all of the stops in the kitchen, cooking for the family every night, even whipping up a self-proclaimed “Easter feast.”

Now that Ramona and Avery have moved out of Mario’s home, Bravo fans will be left wondering what really happened during those eight weeks in quarantine. If Luann can have an affair with a pirate, Ramona’s affair with her ex-husband doesn’t seem that far out of the question.

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