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Southern Charm Stars Awarded Massive Raise Ahead of “Do Or Die” Season

By Max / Published on Sunday, 08 Dec 2019 02:18 AM / No Comments / 386 views

Earlier this week, we reported that Southern Charm is on hiatus as Bravo scrambles to add fresh faces to the mix.

The new season may be delayed by as much as six months, but the wait will be worth it — for the stars.

RadarOnline reports that the Southern Charm stars are all receiving massive raises ahead of the upcoming 7th season.

They won’t be receiving their checks until filming begins some time next year, but when they do, they’ll be smiling.

Now, $ 5,000 may not sound like a huge raise when we’re talking about a cast as affluent as these Charleston socialites.

But we’re talking about $ 5,000 per episode. That’s enough even for a millionaire to take notice.

Before you whip out our calculators (that is a joke; it’s not 1998), let’s spell out exactly what that means for the stars.

A $ 5,000 raise per episode translates to an $ 80,000 raise per season.

That raise alone is more than the average American makes in a year, and is by itself above the “happiness” line (where money literally buys happiness).

Of course, with 16 episodes to a season, the stars were already destined to make bank.

The leading stars on Southern Charm are payed at a flat rate, meaning that they do not negotiate individually like Real Housewives do.

With the bonus, Kathryn Dennis, Shep Rose, Cameran Eubanks, and Craig Conover will each make a total of $ 480,000 for Season 7.

Their previous per-episode income was $ 25,000. With the bonus, they now make $ 30,000 per episode.

While it’s true that none of the stars are exactly hurting for cash by normal standards, they have to appreciate having the extra dough.

The stars were already raking in $ 400,000 per season, but Bravo didn’t dish out these raises out of a spirit of generosity.

Instead, the network has apparently deemed Season 7 to be a “do or die” season for the series.

While recent years have seen a whirldwind of drama about the show, too much of that drama took place off-camera.

Kathryn and Thomas’ custody battle and Thomas’ legal battle received fan attention, but that’s not the same thing as ratings.

Say what you will about Thomas Ravenel (and we absolutely will), but one thing that he was not was boring.

That’s not really a compliment. A lawnmower gone wild that’s also covered in scorpions also isn’t boring. That doesn’t mean that it’s good.

Watching him be an obnoxious jerk on television was apparently part of the appeal for a number of viewers.

Seeing the way that first Kathryn Dennis and then Ashley Jacobs’ mental health deteriorated while dating him was part of the show, unfortunately.

Whatever enjoyment people may have derived from watching a rich a-hole make an ass of himself, Thomas screwed it up.

He had already sabotaged a once-promising political career by opting instead for becoming a criminal.

This time, he was accused by multiple women of assault, and it was claimed that he has paid to silence other women in the past.

Thomas may have avoided actual prison time (as the rich so often do), but he is no longer welcome on Southern Charm.

Rumors say that Season 7 will begin filming next month. We hope that Bravo’s talent search pays off!

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