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Spider-Man & Mysterio Have a Heart to Heart in New Far From Home Clip

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Quentin Beck aka Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) offers Peter Parker (Tom Holland) some advice during a heart-to-heart talk in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Two weeks from now, the follow-up to Avengers: Endgame directed by Jon Watts will hit theaters, and Marvel Studios in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment are ramping up the marketing for the movie. The multi-city press tour is officially in full swing, while a slew of promo clips and TV spots continue to be released, including this latest one.

Picking up after Endgame, Far From Home focuses on Peter as he returns to his normal day-to-day life following his bizarre experiences during the Thanos debacle. On top of dying and being brought back to life after five years, the young hero will also grapple with the death of his mentor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). The movie’s marketing is heavily leaning on this, emphasizing the immense pressure on Spider-Man’s shoulders to step up and fill the void that Iron Man left. Amid the chaos of both dealing with fulfilling the responsibilities of being an Avenger and going after the girl he has feelings for, Peter will find himself at a crossroads. This is where Beck comes in, who offers him some advice as seen in a new Far From Home clip.


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Shared by Gyllenhaal on his official Instagram account, the clip is the full version of Mysterio and Spider-Man’s conversation on top of a building. In the video, Beck chats with the brooding young hero who doesn’t really want to join the mission that Nick Fury (Sam Jackson) recruited him for. Mysterio offers sympathy to what he’s going through, but also explains how important it is for them to fulfill their responsibilities as superheroes. In the end, Peter tells Mysterio that it’s nice having someone to talk to about superhero stuff. Check out the video below:


After Fury hijacks Peter’s European trip to recruit him for a mission, he’s teamed up with Mysterio, who allegedly is a superhero from another reality. Apparently, Thanos’ snap in Avengers: Infinity War created a portal that allows interdimensional travel. Marvel Studios’ approach to Mysterio, especially how he’s presented in marketing, is interesting, considering his villainous persona in the comics. That said, this is all a great set-up for the likely eventual twist revealing that Beck isn’t the ally that Spider-Man and Fury think he is.

Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s marketing has prominently featured Mysterio, however, this is really the first time that fans can see his personality. From the looks of it, he isn’t as snarky as Stark, although he knows sarcasm. Instead, he seems like the reliable friend Peter desperately needs during this time of chaos in both aspects of his life. It’s unclear when this bit takes place in the narrative, but regardless where it falls, Peter very easily pouring his heart out to someone he barely knows yet puts him in a dangerous position. The emotional turmoil that he’s keeping inside makes him much more susceptible to Beck’s manipulations.


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Source: Jake Gyllenhaal/Instagram

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