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Star Trek: Discovery Details Revealed: Female Lead Character, Setting and More Scoop

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Star Trek: Discovery doesn’t have a lead actress yet, but yes, the lead will be a woman. The character will be the lieutenant commander of the Discovery ship.

“We don’t have anybody cast yet,” series executive producer Bryan Fuller told press at the 2016 TCA Summer, “but we’re in the process of casting.” Fuller later said he’s looking at the schedules of other actresses he’s worked with for the show, but he didn’t name names. Gillian Anderson, will you be going boldly where no man has gone before?

Fuller revealed the series will take place 10 years before Captain Kirk’s (William Shatner) five-year mission with the Enterprise in the original Star Trek series. And the new series is set in the “prime” universe, not that of the Chris Pine-fronted movies.

Viewers can look forward to robots and new takes on classic aliens (they need updating for 2016), as well as some new aliens. The crew, which has yet to be cast, will also feature more aliens than previous shows and a gay character. Fuller said he was inspired to create a gay character from the hate mail he received when rumors swirled about Jeri Ryan‘s Star Trek: Voyager character possibly being a lesbian.

Fans should think of the new series as a novel with each episode being a chapter in the 13-episode story.

Regarding what event will be at the center of the series, Fuller teased it’s something that has been discussed in Star Trek lore before, but never fully explored. It’s not the Earth-Romulan War. “Close, but no banana,” Fuller said. “A little further back.”

Amanda Grayson, the human mother to Spock, may be explored at some point. “Maybe, I love that character,” he said and praised Winona Ryder‘s portrayal of her in the Star Trek flicks. “It’s a great character…she’s not a central part of the show, but we love the character.” Other younger versions of Star Trek characters such as Dr. McCoy may pop up as well. “It is absolutely within the possibility of that universe…but we’re kind of digging the characters we came up with,” he said.

Since the show is on CBS All Access, Fuller said there may be some NSFW language, but it is still Star Trek after all. They may shoot scenes a few ways to see what works.

“We discuss every day about language and what’s appropriate and how far we should go. Is it appropriate to see a bridge blow up and see somebody say, ‘Oh s–t!’ or something stronger than that,” he said.

Star Trek: Discovery premieres in January 2017 on CBS before moving to CBS All Access.

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