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Star Wars Confirms Why Darth Vader Kept Returning To Mustafar

By Max / Published on Tuesday, 17 Dec 2019 22:08 PM / No Comments / 364 views

Star Wars has finally revealed why Darth Vader kept returning to his fortress on Mustafar. The volcanic world of Mustafar has become increasingly important to the Star Wars franchise, with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story revealing that Darth Vader had turned it into his home. He resided in a dark castle that had been constructed over some sort of nexus of the dark side of the Force, the perfect place for a Sith Lord to meditate.

But why would Darth Vader live at a site that continually reminded him of the death of his beloved Padmé, and of his defeat at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi? Charles Soule’s Darth Vader run began to provide an answer, telling the story of how Vader’s castle was constructed. Vader was assisted by the spirit of a Sith architect named Lord Momin, and that Vader attempted to use the tower to focus the dark side nexus and bring Padmé back from the dead. It seemed to be a fool’s errand – but it turns out that Vader later learned a way he could pull it off. And, ironically, Mustafar itself was the key.

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Oculus VR has released the third chapter of their Star Wars virtual reality game, Vader Immortal, and it reveals why Darth Vader chose to stay at Mustafar. He learned the history of the planet he called home, that it had once been a planet rich in life ruled by a woman called Lady Korvacs. Unfortunately, thousands of years ago, the Sith attacked Mustafar and Lady Korvacs had been devastated after the death of her husband. Lady Korvacs learned a way to bring him back; she needed to acquire a precious gemstone called the Brightstar, that was tied to all life on the planet. Using the Brightstar, she performed a forbidden ritual in an attempt to resurrect her husband, but the process was only partly completed and he was restored as a wraith-like creature. Horrifically, the act of resurrection drained most of the life from Mustafar, transforming it into the broken, volcanic world seen in the films. Needless to say, Darth Vader found this account fascinating.

Vader Immortal Preview

This, then, is the true reason Darth Vader remained on Mustafar; he still believed it was possible to bring Mustafar back from the dead. He sought out the Brightstar, desperately attempting to locate it and use its power to conquer death itself. In the end, Darth Vader came within a hair’s breadth of success, even managing to acquire the Brightstar – but it was destroyed by the end of Vader Immortal Chapter 3.

Of course, the tragic irony of all this is that Padmé wouldn’t have thanked him for bringing her back from the dead. Rather, she’d have been horrified at the cost of her resurrection, at the idea an entire world had been sacrificed on her behalf. No doubt it would have ended in horror, with Padmé either killing herself again in guilt and shame, or with Darth Vader losing his temper and striking his beloved down once more. And Palpatine, of course, would have been delighted with either outcome; Darth Sidious has always been fascinated by the idea of conquering death, and his apprentice would have unwittingly helped him learn how to do it.

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