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Sugar Bear: Even I Know Geno Doak is a Total Creep!

By Max / Published on Tuesday, 16 Apr 2019 02:03 AM / No Comments / 378 views

Despite the recent arrest drama and fallout, June Shannon’s violent boyfriend is still on Mama June: From Not To Hot.

In this sneak peek, Geno Doak is hanging out with June’s ex, Sugar Bear. It’s not going well.

As Geno starts leering at random women in the bar, Suge can’t contain his disgust.

sugar bear and geno doak play pool on from not to hot

In this clip of From Not To Hot, Mama June’s ex, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson, and her controversial boyfriend, Geno Doak, are hanging out.

They’re not best friends. It doesn’t even sound like they’re having a good time.

“I really don’t know how I feel about him,” Suge admits to the camera.

“But hey,” he laments. “I ain’t got nobody to hang out with and talk with.”

He then admits that the whole situation is “kinda awkward.”

Sugar Bear feels awkward while playing pool

It sounds like, from Geno’s perspective, both men are in the same boat.

“Both of us are stuck here,” Geno laments.

He does suggest that maybe they could alleviate their boredom by making wagers on a game of pool.

Real talk: there are plenty of ways to alleviate boredom that don’t involve hanging out with your girlfriend’s ex.

But they’re not rubbing elbows for the fun of it.

They’re doing it for the sake of the show.

Geno Doak speaks to the camera on From Not To Hot

Things change when a profoundly statuesque woman approaches.

(Note: we do not know her actual height, as Sugar Bear is only 5 feet tall — even shorter than any adult Kardashians)

Suge rebuffs her advances — she acts as if she knows him, and it is unclear if she’s just drunk or has some sort of relationship with the reality star.

Geno then tries his hand at what passes for “humor” in his mind.

“I’m glad she came at you and not me,” Geno tells Sugar Bear. “I’d try to put something on her.”

Apparently seeking a greater response, Geno says: “I’d have d–ked her down.”

Geno Doak would have banged a random woman

That’s awkward, crude, and deeply unnecessary.

Unfortunately, Geno then doubles down by trying to have some serious “man talk” with Sugar Bear, who tries to avoid responding.

“Don’t you like big women?” Geno asks.

“I like big women,” Suge acknowledges. “But I love Jennifer.”

Groping his own thigh, Geno asks: “Has Jennifer got them brown marks and stuff right there, too, where the legs rub together?”

Sugar Bear nods.

Geno quickly assures him: “I like brown marks. Don’t get me wrong. I like brown marks.”

Sugar Bear admits that it's awkward

If you’re listening to that and thinking what the absolute f–k, you’re not alone.

“Everyone thinks I’m the bad guy,” Suge tells the camera. “Are you kidding me?” 

“Look at this guy,” he says of Geno. “He’s awful.”

We won’t dispute that.

Sugar Bear then issues a warning.

“He better not act like this around Alanna,” he says of his daughter. “Or me and him gonna have some words.”

Geno Doak plays pool on From Not To Hot

Sugar Bear then says: “But, I will take his money.”

He seems to be fairly good at playing pool.

To be clear, Sugar Bear isn’t really the hero of this — or any — situation.

The dude has been accused of domestic violence against his ex and against her children.

But Sugar Bear doesn’t have to be a good person to recognize a bad dude when he sees one.

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