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Supernatural: Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

By Max / Published on Monday, 16 Dec 2019 20:41 PM / No Comments / 367 views

In the hunting world, even the strongest fighting ability is worth little without the power of the mind to back it up. Knowing the ins and outs of exactly what they are fighting has saved the characters of Supernatural countless times. For these characters, intelligence is directly related to how good of a hunter they are.

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Like any strength, some hunters, angels, demons, and witches are more skilled at reading up on their opponents than others. It doesn’t hurt that most of them are expert fighters, but having that knowledge on hands saves lives. Here’s the “who could outsmart who?” of Supernatural characters.

10 Jack

Jack does, however, take every opportunity to learn, from controlling his powers to learning how to fight to read up on what a zombie is. In time, Jack could take in all the knowledge the universe has to offer, but he is still quite a while away.

9 Claire

8 Dean

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That’s not to say Dean isn’t an amazing hunter and talented in many respects, but compared to the wisdom of the rest of the Supernatural line-up, intelligence usually proves to be one of his weaknesses.

7 Mary

Mary may have more physical ability than mental as she is manipulated and brainwashed by the Men of Letters, but she was smart enough to survive for almost a year in the apocalypse world.

6 Jody

Later, she takes on another role as the adoptive mother of Alex, Claire, and Patience, and she teaches them how to hunt as well. As she doesn’t spend much time on the road with the Winchesters and doesn’t have many mentors of her own, Jody is mostly self-taught and learns the trade along with her girls.

5 Crowley

It takes a certain sense of creativity to rise through the ranks from average crossroads demon to the king, so he can add this to the intelligence at his disposal as well. He has also managed to outsmart his more formidable opponents, namely Abaddon and Lucifer.

4 Sam

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Even as a hunter, Sam is an expert on all things supernatural. When he and Dean stumble upon the Men of Letters bunker, he goes through all the files and archives them. He works out endless problems, including curing himself of the Darkness’ illness and opening a door to the apocalypse world. Not to mention he can speak Spanish, read Latin, and even sign a little!

3 Bobby

He keeps a pretty well-oiled machine until his death. His alternate-world self revealed that not only did he survive in the apocalypse world for years, but he became the leader of a sizable rebel group.

2 Castiel

Over the years we have known him, he has made some questionable decisions that didn’t account for much prior planning, but he has also lent life-saving expertise to the Winchesters’ endeavors, especially when it comes to the situations they face with the angels, like averting the apocalypse or dealing with Jack and his powers.

1 Rowena

After evading the Winchester’s hands one too many times, they begin to ask her for help in defeating greater evils, finding more value in her as an ally. It’s her forethought that has saved her from death on several occasions, including her death at Lucifer’s hands in season eleven and again in season twelve, allowing her to revive herself.

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