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Teen Mom: Who’s Getting Fired?

By Max / Published on Friday, 24 Jul 2020 12:28 PM / No Comments / 40 views

Perhaps no reality series on television has a more unusual cast dynamic than the shows that make up the Teen Mom franchise.

For many, if not most, of the women who star on the TM and TM2, this is the only job they’ve ever had.

(For the moment, we’re not counting side hustles, such as memoirs and podcasts, as those are mostly made possible by the show.)

In spite of — or perhaps because of this fact — the Moms often put their employers to the test in ways that most young people with cushy, six-figure gigs wouldn’t dream of.

As a result, some of the show’s biggest ratings magnets have been cut loose with little warning.

Wondering who might end up on the unemployment line (or scraping by on sponsored content deals) next?

Well, wonder no longer:

1. The Lucky Ones

The Lucky Ones

The ladies of the Teen Mom franchise have a job many young people would kill for. And yet, they seem to have a hard time remaining employed.

2. Working Hard … To Get Fired

Working Hard ... To Get Fired

Producers have actually been amazingly permissive over the years, but even so, they’ve been forced to fire two of the most high-profile stars and cut ties with two other, lesser-known cast members.

3. Farewell, Farrah

Farewell, Farrah

Farrah Abraham was the first to be let go from the cast way back in 2017. There’s still some debate as to the true cause of her dismissal.

4. Soda Jerk

Soda Jerk

Some say Farrah was fired because of her affiliation online adult streaming services like Cam Soda.

5. Farrah Live!

Farrah Live!

MTV was reportedly not thrilled with one of its most high-profile stars participating in live sex shows.

6. So Many Good Reasons

So Many Good Reasons

Of course, a common theory — and one that Farrah supports — is that the show’s producers were simply tired of dealing with Farrah’s diva-like behavior. One part of the theory she doesn’t go along with, however, is that they absolutely right to feel this way.

7. Another Sound Decision

Another Sound Decision

The next to be let go was Jenelle Evans, and again, producers had many reasons to bid Ms. Evans a not-so-fond farewell.

8. Hanging On By Thread

Hanging On By Thread

Jenelle had reportedly been on the chopping block for quite some time before producers finally let her go. And in the end, she gave them plenty of good reasons to cut her loose.

9. Dead Dog, Traumatized Kids

Dead Dog, Traumatized Kids

After Evans’ husband killed her dog, she stood by his side, which caused her to lose custody of her kids in the CPS investigation that followed.

10. Good Riddance

Good Riddance

Dog-killer David Eason had already been fired for hurling homophobic slurs at fans on social media. Fun fact: That was more than 2 years ago, and David hasn’t worked since!

11. A Brief Tenure

A Brief Tenure

The most recent cast member to be let go was Cory Wharton’s girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge, who began making appearances on the show in 2019.

12. Good Riddance, Part 2

Good Riddance, Part 2

Taylor was fired for posting racist remarks that are too foul to even reproduce here. She really made the decision easy for her bosses!

13. Back to Wasilla

Back to Wasilla

Other stars, such as Bristol Palin, have left the show, but as far as we know, only those four have been handed their walking papers. As for who’s next — well, fans have their theories.

14. Cheyenne Floyd

Cheyenne Floyd

For a while, there was an outcry against Cory’s OG baby mama, as fans alleged that she had made bigoted comments in the past. But her remarks paled in comparison to Cheyenne’s, and it appears that her job is safe.

15. Catelynn and Tyler

Catelynn and Tyler

Catelynn and Tyler seem to be the next most likely to be axed, and again, it’s primarily due to ignorant comments they made on social media in the past.

16. A Difficult Decision

A Difficult Decision

Tyler’s tweets were particularly problematic. He used the N-word in several posts, but because they were the result of youthful ignorance rather than racism, he’ll likely retain his position.

17. Amber Portwood

Amber Portwood

Next up is Amber Portwood, whom many fans expected to be fired after she attacked Andrew Glennon with a machete last year.

18. Not Going Anywhere

Not Going Anywhere

That obviously would have been the right decision for producers to make, but if Amber can survive that, she can obviously survive anything. She’s basically bulletproof at this point.

19. Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney

Of the OGs, Maci and Taylor are probably the next likely to go. Taylor was briefly on the chopping block for — you guessed it — old racist posts on social media, but for now, at least, he still has his job.

20. A Package Deal

A Package Deal

Maci seems to be in the clear, but if Taylor gets fired, it seems likely that she’ll quit.

21. Mackenzie McKee

Mackenzie McKee

Mackenzie McKee seems the least likely to be fired of all the OGs. Not only is she enduring an epically awful year, she’s also become a fan favorite in recent months.

22. Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska

With Jenelle gone, the cast of Teen Mom 2 is generally far less problematic than their TMOG counterparts. Believe it or not, Chelsea Houska might be the most likely to get fired.

23. She’s Safe

She's Safe

It won’t happen, but Chelsea did lose thousands of followers last month as a result of her failure to comment on racial unrest across America.

24. Leah Messer

Leah Messer

Leah is probably next on the list. Again, she’s almost certainly safe, but her involvement in a religious cult could make her bosses uneasy.

25. Briana DeJesus

Briana DeJesus

Next on the list is Briana DeJesus. But like Mackenzie, she’s a newcomer who quickly became a fan favorite — she’ll be fine.

26. Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry

And rounding out the list is Kailyn Lowry. While she’s made some ignorant comments in the past, Kail is known for being easy to work with. Plus, she’ll always have a place in her boss’ heart for standing up to Jenelle!

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