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The 100: Russell Is Going to Turn Out to Be Evil AF, Right?

By Max / Published on Wednesday, 15 May 2019 19:17 PM / No Comments / 145 views

The thing you’ve got to understand about The 100 is that everything is a potential red herring and you can trust literally no one upon first meeting. Seeing as Season 6 is introducing a ton of new characters, we’re going to have to reevaluate almost everyone eventually.

Inside the radiation fence, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and her friends had some pretty big questions to answer when Russell (J.R. Bourne), Sanctum’s leader, asked for an explanation for their presence in his city. Before Clarke could give a nicer version of the truth about their history, Jordan (Shannon Kook) filled his new crush, Delilah (Ashleigh LaThrop) in on all his favorite characters and their adventures on Earth. Naturally, Russell was eager to exile all of them after hearing about Wanheda and Blodreina.

In the forest though, some Grounder-like warriors attacked the dropship, and we’ve got about a thousand questions about them. They called themselves the “Children of Gabriel” and their motto seems to be “death to Primes,” whatever that means. We know Gabriel (Sean Maguire) was part of the original settlement on Sanctum and he ended up going insane with rage thanks to the eclipsing suns, killing his whole family and countless others. If these are his “children” hundreds of years later, we can only expect that means they follow some of his tenants. And given they’re treated as enemies by everyone in Russell’s society, those tenants must be vastly different from the peace-loving, tai chi practicing followers of the Primes. All we know is that this group, upon first meeting, is aggressive, diabolical, and dangerous. Clearly the villains of the story… right?

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Ummm, this is The 100. Trust nothing.

We got quite a few troubling clues about Russell’s own society including their troubling treatment of Clarke before and then after finding out she was a Nightblood. Russell was ready to exile Clarke and her friends back to their ship before “reevaluating” her goodness based on her rescue of Delilah when she was nearly kidnapped by the Children of Gabriel. Really though, did he change his mind because he found out she was a Nightblood? Which he called “royal blood?” Food for thought.

Not to mention, Delilah said she was planning to join the Primes the next day, but she also kind of treated that destiny as a death sentence. Why did she believe Jordan’s first kiss would be her last? There’s also the matter of the Children of Gabriel calling Delilah a “host.” What exactly is she supposed to be hosting here? If we take that in a body-snatching, blood-sharing, sci-fi kind of capacity, then Russell’s peaceable kingdom just turned into a horrifying nightmare, especially where Clarke and Madi (Lola Flanery) are concerned.

Basically, we’ve got a million questions and one of them is definitely, are the Children of Gabriel actually the good guys here?

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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