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The Bachelorette Season 17: Meet the Many Suitors!

By Max / Published on Friday, 19 Mar 2021 12:38 PM / No Comments / 287 views

The Bachelorette will be doubling up in 2021.

As previously detailed, two women will take center stage on this franchise over the coming months: Katie Thurston in the summer and Michelle Young in the fall.

Mere days after ABC dropped this bombshell on fans, the network has gone ahead and revealed the identity of all 31 potential suitors from whom Thurston will choose.

To be clear, it doesn’t sound like all of the men listed below will appear on Season 17.

Upon revealing these photos and mini biographies on Facebook, ABC wrote: “We are giving you an early look at the men who may be on this season of The Bachelorette!”

Which will actually show up on front of the camera when episodes air frrom New Mexico later this year? We can’t say for certain.

But one of these hunks will almost definitely propose to Thurston before all is said and done. How exciting, right?!? Get to know them now… 

1. Aaron, 26

Aaron, 26

Aaron is 26 years old and hails from a place called Walnut, California. He’s pretty darn easy on the eyes, huh?

2. Andrew, 31

Andrew, 31

Andrew M. is a native of Walnut Creek, California. The 31-year old is standing in front of some pretty scenery here.

3. Andrew, 26

Andrew, 26

Andrew looks ready for love, doesn’t he? This 26-year old lives in Waukegan, Illinois.

4. Tré, 26

Tré, 26

Tré is from Covington, Georgia. He’s ready to start a family at age 26.

5. Thomas, 28

Thomas, 28

Thomas is 28 and from the city some people think is the best in the country. We’re talking about San Diego.

6. Tanner, 28

Tanner, 28

This is Tanner, a native of Del Mar, California. We’ve heard he is 28 years old.

7. Quartney, 26

Quartney, 26

Quartney is 26 years old. He is seeking a wife and he is from Arlington, Texas.

8. Mike, 31

Mike, 31

Mike’s last name begins with a P. He’s from a town with a fun name: Sunrise, Arizona.

9. Michael, 36

Michael, 36

An Akron, Ohio native, Michael hails from the same town as LeBron James. Cool!

10. Marty, 25

Marty, 25

Say hi to Marty, a 25-year old romantic from Reno, Nevada.

11. Marcus, 30

Marcus, 30

Marcus is 30 and is from Washington and he just looks like a nice guy, doesn’t he?

12. Landon, 25

Landon, 25

Looking to have some fun? This Bakersfield, California resident appears to be your man.

13. Kyle, 26 Years Old

Kyle, 26 Years Old

Kyle is 26 years old and lives in Florida. But he looks pretty darn cold in this photo.

14. Karl, 33

Karl, 33

Karl lives in Miami, Florida. The 33-year old must be ready for a wife.

15. Justin, 26

Justin, 26

Justin is from Ellicott City, Maryland. He looks to be all business.

16. Joshua, 25

Joshua, 25

Nice skyline! Joshua likes to have fun in the sun while living in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

17. John, 27

John, 27

John lives in Santa Cruz, California. He’s 27 and knows how to pose with some quality light.

18. Jeff, 31

Jeff, 31

What a head of hair! You’re looking at another New Jersey native, this one named Jeff.

19. James, 30

James, 30

James is 30. He’s from New York. And, wow, the guy has muscles!

20. Hunter, 34

Hunter, 34

A native of San Angelo, Texas, this is Hunter. He is reportedly 34 years of age.

21. Greg, 27

Greg, 27

Greg is from Edison, New Jersey. The 27-year old has his sights set on Katie Thurston.

22. Garrett, 29 (Looks Kind of Like Hugh Jackman)

Garrett, 29 (Looks Kind of Like Hugh Jackman)

Garrett is 29 years old and appears to love his life in Salinas, California.

23. Gabriel, 35

Gabriel, 35

Another oldie, by The Bachelorette standards. This 35-year old is from Charlotte, North Carolina.

24. Dennis, 26

Dennis, 26

Dennis is 26, lives in Chicago and, based on the cross around his neck, appears to be religious.

25. David, 27

David, 27

What a scenic photograph. David proudly lives in New York City.

26. Conor, 28

Conor, 28

Conor is 28 years old. Say hello to this Edmond, Oklahoma native.

27. Connor, 29

Connor, 29

We know that Connor’s last name starts with a B. We also know he is from Columbia, Illinois.

28. Cody, 27

Cody, 27

Is Cody at a wedding here? Will the New Jersey resident end up marrying Katie? We’ll see!

29. Christian, 26

Christian, 26

Christian is a native of Newburyport, Massachusetts. He apparently enjoys the cold weather.

30. Brendan, 26

Brendan, 26

We’ve got a Canadian! This 26-year old suitor is a native of Toronto.

31. Brandon, 26

Brandon, 26

This 26-year old looks pretty chill, doesn’t he? He hails from Mokena, Illinois.

32. Bao, 36

Bao, 36

Bao is a little old to be on The Bachelorette, as you can see. But that just means the New Hampshire native has experience.

33. Austin, 25

Austin, 25

Austin is 25 years old… and ready to settle down. He resides in Mission Viejo, California.

34. Viktor, 32

Viktor, 32

Will Katie fall for this 32-year old? He’s from Galveston, Texas.

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