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The Ultimate Vikings Gift Guide

By Max / Published on Saturday, 29 Jun 2019 01:35 AM / No Comments / 400 views

Currently in its sixth and final season, Vikings has had a steadfast following ever since it became the breakout hit of 2013. Now a legacy series for the History Channel, it has successfully and authentically followed the historical events surrounding one Viking family and their kin through political upset, familial struggles, and the hardship that comes with war and conquest.

Originally following the life and times of Viking farmer Ragnar Lothbrok as he upset his chieftain and began the conquest of the British Isles, the series has shifted away from the Norse warrior, following his sons (whose life events align with real historical figures), his former wife Lagertha, and his brother Rollo. Longtime fans of the series love it for its attention to detail, its robust look at the Viking culture, and its strongly realized characters. Celebrate your love for the series and flaunt your Viking style with these gifts fit for Odin himself.

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As fans of the epic series wait for the sixth and final season to drop on the History Channel, they can catch up with all the action, drama, and sprawling adventure of its first four seasons. Follow Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons as they chart their conquests across the ancient world, in great longships designed by the mischievous Floki.

Ragnar’s heroic legacy becomes tainted with defeat and shame, as he vies for notoriety against his brother Rollo. Once brothers in arms on the battlefield, their thirst for recognition from Odin leads them down two very different paths. This mirrors Ragnar’s two loves, Aslaug and Lagertha, who feud for the right to rule over their Norse kingdom. Savor every last spectacular battle and emotional moment before the last season in late 2019!



If there’s one thing that Ragnar and his clansmen don’t need an excuse for, it’s drinking ale and celebrating. Whether it’s the birth of another son, a victory in battle, or the sight of an auspicious sign from Odin, there is always the need for a gathering and a toast. Party like Vikings with these shot glasses straight from the hit series.

Each shot glass measures 3 inches tall and 1.75 inches around, and holds 1.5 ounces of liquid. You’ll want to hand wash these, keeping them out of the dishwasher or microwave. How else can you protect the beautiful Viking artwork on each one, from Ragnar’s Raven to the Vikings Logo? Toast your next victory with these glasses, perfect for any Vikings fan.




If the Vikings of Ragnar’s time could have had this travel mug with them in their longboats while they sailed for months at sea, or before ransacking a village, they would have praised Odin. Give yourself the power of the Ancient Gods whenever you take a hit of coffee from this officially licensed Vikings travel mug!

The coffee mug is black with a wrap of the Vikings logo on a crimson background meant to look like the etched leather found on so much of their clothing. The cup measures 6.7 inches tall and 2.2/2.8 inches in diameter (the base and the top). It’s sure to make any Vikings fan happy as they brave commuter traffic, wishing they could enact a Vikings beatdown on everyone in their way.



Can’t get enough of the intense storytelling of Vikings but can’t wait for the final season to come out? Pick up a copy of Cavan Scott and Staz Johnson’s Vikings: Godhead, a beautifully illustrated graphic novel that follows the mighty Norse warrior Ragnar, his kickass wife Lagertha, and their mighty sons.

In this gripping novel, the Vikings once again find themselves setting sail for England, a foreign country that has shown them nothing but hostility. They are drawn into a world of politics, intrigue, and double-crossing very different from the candor of their homeland. Don’t be surprised when the blood-spraying and ax-wielding action explodes from the pages by this veteran storyteller and comic book illustrator.




Protect yourself from the frosty Norse winds with this long-sleeved shirt depicting the somber face of Ragnar Lothbrok, hero of the Vikings television series. A sprawling battle takes place before him, his eyes downcast to view the carnage, knowing there’s a beauty in the violence that feeds his soul.

This officially licensed shirt is made from 100% cotton, with Azo-free dyes that shouldn’t cause any allergic reaction. Spiral has long been making apparel that specializes in the imagery of fantasy, medieval, and heavy metal genres, delivering quality printed items for decades. The shirt even has a Viking shield, knotwork, and crossed swords on the back so people know you’re a Vikings fan coming or going.



In the age of Vikings, the women fought as hard as the men in their village. The hit series on the History Channel introduced fans to many powerful female warriors, Ragnar’s wife Lagertha being the most prominent among them. She frequently lead her all-female squad of warriors onto the battlefield, inflicting carnage and mayhem wherever they went. Many times Ragnar would have been defeated if it wasn’t for Lagertha and her elite warrioresses.

Broadcast your love for the Vikings series and appreciation for its powerful female characters with this officially licensed shirt, depicting the Vikings logo on the front surrounded by its characters locked in battle. Made from 100% cotton, it’s a flattering skinny fit that is designed to hug your shape.




Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to sail across the seas and conquer foreign lands for Odin and glory? Or how about march across your homeland and raid rival villages for political power and notoriety among your kind? Odin has answered your wishes with this Vikings Board Game, allowing you to harness all the adventure inherent in Viking exploration and battle.

The series references aren’t explicit, but you will play as your favorite characters from the hit series Vikings and explore the tiles of their homeland and abroad, accomplishing various missions as you go. The tasks set down by Odin are not easy – you will sometimes need to work cooperatively to accomplish them and achieve everlasting glory in Valhalla. Gameplay lasts about 1.5 hours.



Ragnar and Rollo appeared the best of friends and brothers, always having each other’s backs on the battlefield, as well as being emotional confidantes to one another in times of peace. But jealousy and ambition got the better of Rollo, and he turned his back on his people and his brother when he chose to remain in Normandy, France after one of their conquests and become its first ruler.

Rollo is depicted here not in the finery he would wear as the first Duke of Normandy, but as he would have fought alongside Ragnar, with his tunic, furs, Viking shield, and sword. Luckily, Rollo makes the decision to return to his roots in Season 5, and resume some of his fearsome Viking ways.




Lagertha was one of the most fearsome Vikings on the series. Initially married to Ragnar Lothbrok, she parted ways with him after his betrayal of their marriage bed forced her into selecting a better future for herself and her family. She would go on to command countless armies herself, and rule over many portions of their homeland. She was a fierce warrior, cunning strategist, and passionate lover of the men she deemed worthy.

Embody the strength and dynamism of one of the most beloved characters on Vikings with this officially licensed Lagertha shield prop. Measuring 22 in diameter and made of durable painted plastic, it’s light enough to carry into battle for extended periods of time, and has flexible arm straps on the back side for comfort.



Explore the ancient world of the hit television series with this beautiful reference book by Justin Pollard, full of details into Norse warrior Ragnar Lothbrok’s quest to lead the Vikings to glory on the British Isles and in France. This book focuses on season 1-3, and provides real historical references to the events of the series as well as stories from behind the scenes.

Discover the secrets of Viking shipbuilding, navigation, and weapons crafting. Explore the intricate culture and unique religious practices of the Norse people. This compendium offers interviews with your favorite cast and crew, as they describe the process of bringing such an epic period of history to life. History buffs and Vikings fans alike will want to add this comprehensive guide to their collection.

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