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Watch FYKE & Amber Liu Wear Surprising New Looks in 'Get Myself' Video: Exclusive

By Max / Published on Friday, 08 Mar 2019 16:49 PM / No Comments / 647 views

“I hope we all can learn to find comfort in our insecurities,” Liu says of her new synth-pop collaboration.

Living in the K-pop spotlight for nearly a decade, Amber Liu can certainly speak to the pressures of putting together an image and now the singer-songwriter-producer is teaming with FYKE on a new single to emphasize self-love.

Billboard is proud to exclusively premiere the new video for "Get Myself," the new single released today (March 8) from the socially conscious, Los Angeles-based electronic-rock band that features Liu. Over a moving synth-pop production, FYKE vocalist Enik Lin and Amber trade off fluttery vocal notes as they detail an unwillingness to change in the face of identity confusion: "I can't get myself to change / 'Cause I drive myself insane / And there's no one left to blame / I don't get myself, I don't get myself." As expected from FYKE, the new single tackles a new social issue following tracks like last year's "Awake," which details how money and fame does not equate happiness.

The accompanying video sees the FYKE guys and Amber all attempting to change their appearances — including the longest hair fans have probably ever seen on Liu thanks to a periwinkle wig — before throwing away the costumes and wigs and embracing their goofy selves in a heartwarming ending.

"I’ve struggled my entire life with anxiety and depression and one of the hardest things in life has been to accept myself and find understanding in why I am the way that I am," Lin explains of his band's latest. "I’ve always wondered why I’m so socially awkward or why I'm so introverted, but all these things still make us the people that we are and we should never be ashamed of it. We wrote 'Get Myself' to tell people who may struggle with similar thoughts that they are absolutely beautiful the way they are and not to let anyone else tell them differently."

Amber adds, "We all don't understand why we are the way we are. I hope we all can learn to find comfort in our insecurities and try to love our imperfectly perfect-selves a little more everyday."

"Get Myself" is out now via Steel Wool Entertainment, Universal Music Group International and Empire Records. Watch the new music video first on Billboard:

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