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Wynonna Earp Finale Theory: Eve Uses Baby Alice Against Wynonna & Doc

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Wynonna Earp‘s finale could well see Baby Alice used against the Wynonna and Doc. All has been right with the world in the Ghost River Triangle since Sheriff Nicole Haught became the Angel’s Shield to help Dark Angel Waverly restore order – as Wynonna and the once more mortal Doc have made up, and the impending marriage of Waverly and Nicole looks set to allow the show a happy closure. On just about any other show that would be a fitting end to a series, but Wynonna Earp is not your ordinary show. It is inevitable that some new evil is going to raise its ugly head to wreak havoc not only on the wedding but also on Purgatory, giving Wynonna Earp a season if not series ending befitting its off-beat history. Ideally, the conclusion will tie up the two major loose storyline ends to send the show off and an even better way would be to tie those loose ends together in a delicious twist that would serve as a fond farewell or intriguing launch for a fifth season.

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The focus of season 2 of Wynonna Earp was the impending birth of Wynonna’s child. While she was terrified at first that her child’s father could have been a revenant, it’s later revealed that Doc was indeed the dad. To protect the child from the revenants and The Widows, Wynonna and Doc made the difficult decision to send baby Alice Michelle as far away from the Ghost River Triangle as they could get her. Enter Waverly’s billionaire ex-boyfriend, Perry, who spirited the baby away to live off the grid with Wynonna and Waverly’s Aunt Gus. Baby Alice was last mentioned in the season 4 mid-season finale, when Wynonna told Doc their baby was now 22 months old to convince him that she was not Evil Eve’s doppelganger of her. With peace seemingly restored, they may be tempted to bring Alice home.

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Also in the season 4 mid-season finale, during a heated battle with Eve, who was inhabiting a doppelganger body of Wynonna, Baby Alice was mentioned again. Whenever Eve shapeshifted into someone else’s form, she gained that person’s knowledge. So, the show’s second loose end became aware of Doc and Wynonna’s child before they knocked her through a portal and out of the garden. This in mind, it would be a delicious bit of irony if the chaos that returns to shatter Purgatory’s new found peace would be a returning Eve, proving she’s more dangerous than ever by using Baby Alice against Doc and Wynonna.

Why Baby Alice Is Important 

When Baby Alice was conceived, Doc was still immortal so it is possible that some of his immortality would be passed to his daughter. Alice’s mother, Wynonna is the full-blooded heir of Wyatt Earp, so it’s also likely that one day Alice may be called upon to fulfill her mother’s family destiny. Her heritage alone makes Baby Alice an unbelievably valuable child.

As she is the last surviving Earp heir, Baby Alice would be a valuable weapon for someone to use against her mother and father. And, if they were to realize one of their most dangerous foes, a powerful being held captive in the Garden to keep order, knows of her existence, keeping her safe and hidden becomes even more necessary.

Where Has Eve Been Since Escaping The Garden

During their final battle, Doc knocked Eve through one of the Garden’s portals to parts unknown and unknowingly gave her exactly what she wanted, to be out of her prison. The question was never really answered as to why she was so desperate to get out of the Garden, or why exactly she was imprisoned there. Regardless, Doc may have made her even more dangerous by casting her out.

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The portal may have transported Eve to a distant part of either Earth or even the Ghost River Triangle. Now free, she will recover whatever powers were dampened by her captivity and embark at last on her journey of revenge. Even with Waverly on the throne in the Garden, Eve was still trying to reach Purgatory; it’s likely she will seek to destroy the Ghost Triangle’s new trinity of protectors. She may also be on a mission to find someone else, perhaps her Adam, whom she was separated from when she was first imprisoned in the Garden.

Eve Could Use Alice As Leverage Against Wynonna & Doc

There are two possible ways Eve could use Baby Alice against Doc and Wynonna. First, she could intend to find and kidnap Baby Alice to force Alice’s parents to help her. Holding their child hostage would be the perfect way to ensure Doc and Wynonna either help Eve find Adam or refrain from intervening with whatever else is on Eve’s agenda, which, as she told half-angel Waverly in the Garden, involves a hearty serving of revenge.

In an especially evil twist, Eve could have already found Baby Alice, used her powers to rapidly age the child, and returned with her to Purgatory. Eve could even insert herself into the role of Alice’s mother figure. Alice could return home to her parents as an angry young woman (with the opportunity for a dual role for Melanie Scrofano to play both Wynonna and her daughter, furious over their perceived abandonment of her). The series finale promo shows someone who looks like Wynonna angrily striding through wedding decorations on fire. Rather than that woman being the Earp heir, she could be Eve in disguise, or the grown-up Baby Alice coming to confront her parents.

How This Ties Up The Two Biggest Loose Ends Of The Show

It would make the most sense to bring the story of Wynonna Earp to a close by tying the Eve and Baby Alice loose ends together. Not only would it wrap up the series to a logical conclusion, but it would also open the door to a most intriguing cliffhanger for a potential season 5. What greater challenge would there be for Wynonna, Doc, Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy than a desperate search for Baby Alice or a fierce battle against Eve for Alice’s soul?

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Wynonna Earp could even do a season of ongoing adventures where Doc and Wynonna just barely miss finding their daughter each episode. Alternatively, if Alice returns as an adult, the show has a dramatic storyline about a complicated mother/daughter relationship – and if there is one thing Wynonna Earp does well, it is stories about family.

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