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X-Men Just Brought Back The Most DANGEROUS Omega Mutant

By Max / Published on Friday, 08 Nov 2019 16:21 PM / No Comments / 87 views

The X-Men have unwisely resurrected the most dangerous Omega mutant of all. Omega level mutants are the most powerful of them all, with powersets that appear to have no discernible limit. Marvel’s traditionally been wary of defining the term – at least until the Jonathan Hickman run.

Hickman’s X-Men relaunch has seen the mutants establish a home on the living island of Krakoa. There, Xavier is using cloning to swiftly replenish mutant numbers, and he’s particularly interested in the Omegas. According to House of X #1, Omegas are now defined as mutants whose “power cannot be surpassed in any measurable fashion.” The X-Men now operate under a so-called “Omega Protocol,” to secure and protect these most powerful mutants.

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Unfortunately, the X-Men may have just made a mistake. Excalibur #1 reveals that the X-Men have resurrected Jamie Braddock, the Omega level brother of Betsy Braddock and Captain Britain. Although his abilities have never been properly defined, Jamie Braddock appears able to manipulate reality itself by tugging on the quantum strings that bind the Multiverse together. These abilities were initially only able to affect a localized area, but over time he learned how to expand his powers to shape the entire world.

It’s easy to see why the X-Men wanted Jamie Braddock on Krakoa; leaving aside the Omega Protocol, his powers could be very useful. Jamie can rewrite reality to such a degree that he can literally raise the dead single-handedly, and with little visible effort; at one point he resurrected Psylocke herself. The X-Men’s current priority is to restore every mutant who’s been killed over the last few decades, and they’re using a team of five mutants to do this; Jamie could take over and do it alone. He could even help deal with the aftermath of X-Force #1, resurrecting Charles Xavier himself with a wave of his hand.

Jamie Braddock is, however, more problematic than any other Omega. Even before he learned he was a mutant, Jamie reveled in the idea of having power over others; that was why he pursued a secret career of gun-running and slave-trading. Jamie’s abilities were only triggered when he wound up in prison, and his mind began to fracture under the strain. There seems to be a direct correlation between Jamie’s mental instability and the expansion of his powers; the more unstable Jamie becomes, the more dangerous he is. Alternatively, it could even work the other way round; the more he explores his powers, the more Jamie’s fragile grip on reality breaks.

In either case, the very fact Excalibur #1 showed Jamie using his power to manipulate reality in his own immediate area should give the X-Men cause for concern. He’s back – and he’s the ultimate wild card.

Excalibur #1 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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