Saturday, September 23, 2023

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The 12 Best Comedy Shows on Hulu | 2023

Hulu is like a best friend you can turn to whenever you need a good laugh. No matter what time of the day,...


Mortal Kombat 1 Continues Legacy of Landmark Fighting Game | Video Games

Instead of continuing directly after the acclaimed 2019 “Mortal Kombat 11,” the creators of this title revert numerically to “Mortal Kombat...

How Bunty Aur Babli Updated the Legend of Bonnie and Clyde | Features

Dashrath, repudiating the kind of love the real-life Natwarlal received, is enraged that the pair are being valorized by young people...


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Big Family Entertainers to revisit before you watch the The Great Indian Family

Bollywood is renowned for its diverse range of movies that cater to every taste and emotion. Among its myriad genres, one that has...


Story of Kunning Palace – C DRAMA AFICIONADO

Jiang Xuening had gone to great lengths to become empress, but was forced to commit suicide during a palace mutiny. Now, Jiang Xuening’s...

As Beautiful As You

As Beautiful As You Details about As Beautiful As You Title: 你比星光美丽 / Ni Bi Xing Guang Mei LiEnglish title: As Beautiful As YouGenre: Romance, MetropolitanEpisodes: 40Broadcast network: TencentBroadcast...

Catch Up My Prince

Catch Up My Prince Details about Title: 公子不可求 / Gong Zi Bu Ke Qiu English title: Catch Up My Prince Genre: Historical, romance, comedy Episodes: 24 Broadcast network: Youku Broadcast period: Jan 8, 2023 –...

Light Chaser Rescue – C DRAMA AFICIONADO

A devastating earthquake has occurred in Xichuan. Lawyer Luo Ben has gone to the disaster-stricken area to look for his younger sister Luo...

To Be A Brave One (2022)

To Be A Brave One (2022) Details about To Be A Brave One Title: 致勇敢的你 / Zhi Yong Gan De NiGenre: Workplace, Business, RomanceEpisodes: 40Broadcast network: YoukuBroadcast...
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Here's The Dumb Money Cast And Where You Know Them From ...


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