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90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Jay Cheated and Got Beaten Up!

Last week, 90 Day Fiance viewers saw the immediate aftermath as Colt Johnson revealed that Larissa was arrested … again.

On Sunday night’s new episode, things became heated as the toxic couple (and third wheel, Debbie) dealt with the emotional fallout.

Chantel heard a shocking conspiracy theory about Pedro’s family from a trusted source.

Paola went into labor, still insisting on a home birth despite Russ and her mom worrying about her.

Andrei’s stubbornness continues to cost Elizabeth her peace of mind but also her bank account as insists that she, not her dad, pay for the things he wants.

And Ashley learned the truth about Jay — that he’d cheated with her in a bathroom, and that he’d gotten himself beaten up over it.

1. Ashley and Jay

Ashley and Jay

This couple can be deeply polarizing. Nobody thinks that they should stay together, of course. But some people actually think that Ashley deserves to be cheated on for the “crime” of … marrying a younger man. (At 20, Jay’s not really old enough to get married, but that’s his business)

2. Ashley has real concerns

Ashley has real concerns

So she went to the barbershop, because Jay made friends with these dudes and only these dudes in all of his time in America.

3. The news is worse than she thought

The news is worse than she thought

She figured that maybe they’d confirm that Jay had been flirting or chatting up some girl. Instead, Ashley learns that Jay didn’t just physically cheat on her — he did it in the bathroom, right there, when he was doing tattoos there.

4. That had immediate consequences

That had immediate consequences

The owner apparently kicked him out over that, but not before roughing him up over it. (Disclaimer: physical violence is not an appropriate consequence for cheating! We do not endorse that)

5. Ashley is heartbroken

Ashley is heartbroken

She even speaks with the girl to confirm that this really happened. And this is just the hookup that Ashley knows went down because it happened at the place where she went to ask. How many more places could she have gone and asked to hear a similar story?

6. Ashley was furious

Ashley was furious

She called Jay, told him that if he shows up at her house she will work to have him arrested and deported (not clear how that would work, but whatever, she was mad).

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