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Amber Portwood: Andrew is a Danger! He Drives Drunk!

Amber Portwood continues to make very strong insinuations and accusations on social media.

The embattled Teen Mom OG star, who was arrested on July 5 for felony assault against Andrew Glennon, took to her official Instagram account one month after this incident and seemed to make a very bold claim.

What did she say?

What should we take from this since-deleted message?

And how might this affect the case against Amber going forward?

Scroll down to help us figure out the answer to these pressing questions posed by Portwood’s recently-deleted post

1. Remember How Amber and Andrew’s Fight Started?

Remember How Amber and Andrew's Fight Started?

We don’t need to rehash the entire morning of the arrest here, but it took place on July 5. The coupld allegedly got into an argument a few hours after they hit traffic and therefore missed out on a July Fourth fireworks show.

2. From There?

From There?

Amber went off on Andrew, he told police, throwing a shoe at his head and eventually taking a machete to a closed bathroom door, behing which Andrew was hiding with 14-month old son James.

3. It Got Really Bad

It Got Really Bad

Andrew told the cops that he feared for both his life and the life of James, who he was holding in his arms at the time.

4. What Has Amber Said About the Arrest Itself?

What Has Amber Said About the Arrest Itself?

Nothing at all. We’re sure she has to keep quiet for legal reasons, but sources have said she denies the machete part of this story and that she DID throw a shoe at Glennon, but it barely grazed his face.

5. What Has Amber Said About Andrew?

What Has Amber Said About Andrew?

That’s a different story. She has seemingly shaded him on multiple occasions, perhaps trying to subtly offer up a few reasons for her alleged attack.

6. For Example?

For Example?

Portwood posted this meme on Instagram, only to delete it a short while later. Was she stating that Glennon had been cheating on her?

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