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Amber Portwood: Is She Working on Becoming a Less Terrible Person?

Amber Portwood …

It’s just not a great situation right now, everything that’s been going on with her.

Is that the understatement of the year?

Yeah, maybe.

And sure, it would be nice to just leave it at that, to not go into the details of Amber’s latest crimes.

But to talk about where she’s going, we have to talk about where she’s been, don’t we?

So let’s just go ahead and recap Amber’s tale of machete madness one more time.

Back on the fourth of July, Amber and her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, reportedly got into an argument over some fireworks —there was some traffic and road work, so they weren’t able to get where they needed to be to see them.

It sounds like such a non-issue — just go a different way, or see different fireworks, whatever — but it seemed to have set Amber off in a big way.

He dropped her off at home and went back out with their one-year-old, James, to figure out the situation with the dumb fireworks, and when he did, he went back home.

That’s when Amber allegedly began beating him with a shoe while he was holding James.

They left again, leaving Amber at home, and drove around for around three hours before Andrew picked up some food and a present and tried going home again.

She was still agitated, enough that, according to Andrew’s statement, she took a handful of pills and told him she was going to kill herself.

But wait, it gets crazier.

She ended up throwing up the pills, but later she picked up a machete and went after him while he was holding the baby.

He went to another room and locked the door, but she hit the door with the machete and tried to kick it down — that’s when he finally reached out to 911 and officers came to arrest her.

Amber was charged with three felonies, and she was only just able to see James in a supervised visit.

Andrew has filed for full custody, and he definitely seems done with their relationship.

It’s an awful story, and it could get a lot worse — there’s a real chance she could go back to prison for this.

So what is she doing in the meantime?

Oh, you know, just chillin’ with some corn.

Amber has remained pretty quiet on social media after her arrest — besides posting about being “heartbroken” by reports that Andrew is already talking to another woman, she’s been totally silent.

But this weekend, she’s been easing back into things, first by posting a photo of some good ol’ Indiana corn fields.

She then posted a video of some corn up close, and captioned it “Relaxation in the beautiful country.”

Last night, she posted a selfie, her first since the incident, and although it’s pretty dark, we can only assume that she’s once again out in the corn fields.

“Nighttime meditation and relaxation with music and nature,” she captioned that picture.

Amber meditating

With all these posts about relaxation and meditation, it’s pretty clear what she’s doing, right?

She wants us all to believe that she’s thinking about things, that she’s trying to grow and reflect and be a better person.

She’s got her comments turned off on Instagram, but she’s set her posts there to go to Twitter, and Twitter has some things to say about all of this.

“Get help and stop abusing men,” one of her followers suggested.

Another pointed out “If you are abusing men in front of your children, you are abusing your children. It’s so sick.”

One particularly blunt person commented “You need to check yourself into an inpatient clinic. Then you need to actually do the work. You’re a terrible human being, but with intense treatment & the right medication, you might make into the ‘not so bad’ category.”

But, believe it or not, the positive, supportive comments far outweigh the critical ones — so many people have told her things like “this too shall pass” and “stay strong!”

And that is absolutely insane.

Amber is a violent person. We know this, and we’ve seen it many times.

We saw her assault Gary more than once back in the day on Teen Mom, and of course there was that reunion where she tried to hit Farrah.

In her time with Matt Baier, we heard reports as well as statements from both of them that led many to believe that they may have been violent with each other.

And now there’s all this new stuff with Andrew — and remember, while she denied the machete part, she did admit to beating him with the shoe.

She is mentally ill, and she’s been very open about how much she struggles with her illnesses, and we definitely believe her, but the fact is that mental illness is just not an excuse for behaving like this.

Many people with Amber’s same diagnosis manage to go through life without hurting the people close to them like this, and honestly, it’s pretty bizarre that so many people are defending her right now.

Do you believe she’s actually working on herself?

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