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Amber Portwood: Jenelle Evans is Disgusting and I’m Nothing Like Her!

Earlier this week, Jenelle Evans appeared calm, cool and collected when discussing her past on Teen Mom 2.

She admitted to missing her time on this program and said she has no hard feelings about getting fired and added that she harbors no ill will toward anyone else in the franchise.

We bring this up to contrast Evans with Amber Portwood.


Because Portwood just flipped the f–k out at being compared to Jenelle.

The Teen Mom OG star had plenty to say on Instagram Live on Tuesday night in the wake of a new episode — but she saved her harshest rebuke and her most strident take for Evans.

She did so after someone dated to compare Amber to Jenelle.

“Don’t f–king call me Jenelle! I’m gonna tell you that right now. Don’t ever compare me, in your f–king life, to Jenelle,” Amber screamed in response to this alleged parallel.

“Do you understand me? There is nothing of comparison,” she added.

What, exactly, is Amber’s beef with Jenelle… who starred on a different version of Teen Mom than the one that employs Portwood?

The reality stars have certainly clashed numerous times over the years.

In July of 2019, Evans said Portwood was worse than David Eason — which is, like, the worst insult we can imagine.

In March of 2020, Jenelle complained over MTV firing her for various wrongdoings, yet not firing Portwood after Amber got arrested for domestic violence.

“Amber showed her sword to the public online and bragged that it says ‘Mother Goddess’ after the incident with Andrew occurred,” Jenelle said just about a year ago, referring to the weapon Portwood allegedly used to attack her boyfriend.

What about Eason killing the family dog, which prompted an investigation by authorities and the removal of Jenelle’s children from her custody for about a month?

Didn’t this warrant her ousting from Teen Mom 2?

“David wasn’t ever charged with any sort of crime, but Amber was and left a paper trail through Ring Cameras in her house that were released online,” Jenelle said last spring when explaining the differences between the violence incidents.

Amber, however, didn’t delve into these kinds of specifics on Instagram last night.

Instead, she said she isn’t like Jenelle because she lives in Indiana, not North Carolina.

Wait… huh?

“I don’t live in the same state where you can just apparently get away with anything…apparently you can just kill dogs right in front of children…and you’re fine,” Amber yelled, referring to the aforementioned murder.

“I don’t know what the f–k happened, but you can just beat the living s–t out of a dog.”

Evans, of course, has a history of drug abuse.

She took Eason back after he almost definitelly got drunk and broke her collarbone … and she supported him after he shot her adorable pet and said many homophobic and horrible things … and her kids are in danger every second they spend under the same roof as David.

In short, Jenelle has many problems and is not a role model.

We just wanted to stop and make that evident.

Amber, meanwhile, then made it clear that she wants no ties to Jenelle whatsoever, not that we blame her.

We just may have stated this in a more reasoned manner.

“Don’t ever compare me to a twisted little nothing!” Amber told followers.

“I don’t care what the f–k she has to say about me. I don’t want to be associated with her. I don’t want to be associated with other people that’s been off the show.

“They disgust me, like some of the things they’ve let happen.”

When a follower accused Amber of being narcissistic, she countered as follows:

“I’m not full of myself at all in any way, I’m just honest… I’m not a narcissist, I’m a person that tells the truth.

“If that makes me a narcissist, I don’t care.”

a amber rant

Evans is yet to respond to Amber’s ranting, raving and dissing.

She does have a brand new podcast, however.

And Portwood may have just given her foe ample material for the next several episoedes.

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