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Amber Portwood: What’s the Evidence Against Her?

Amber Portwood is facing three felony charges of domestic assault.

This much we know.

But what, exactly, is the evidence behind these charges?

Following an alleged incident of violence on July 5 between Amber and boyfriend Andrew Glennon, numerous reports have outlined how Amber may be fired by MTV… may lose primary custody of her 14-month old son… and may be sent to jail.

Simply because Andrew says she attacked him?

No, of course not.

Courtesy of Radar Online, we’ve rundown the evidence below that has been collected by the state in conjunction the very serious charges leveled against Portwood.

This is why she may be in MAJOR trouble, you guys…

1. Here We Go Again?

Here We Go Again?

Yes. Portwood was also arrested in 2011 for assaulting then-boyfriend Gary Shirley. She ended up spending 17 months in jail after breaking probation when she was caught a couple years later with drugs.

2. Amber Has Referenced This Incident Many Times

Amber Has Referenced This Incident Many Times

She’s admitted to being an “abuser” and said she has learned from her mistakes. If only that were true, however…

3. What Happened on July 5, 2019?

What Happened on July 5, 2019?

Portwood and Glennon reportedly tried to take their young son to see a fireworks show in honor of America’s birthday. But they got caught in serious traffic and missed it. Amber then blamed Andrew for what happened.

4. From There?

From There?

A whole lot allegedly transpired, starting with Amber screaming at Andrew and then throwing a shoe at his head. She has admitted to doing this, but has said the shoe barely grazed Glennon.

5. What Has He Said?

What Has He Said?

That it left a major mark and that he was holding little James in his arms when it took place.

6. Andrew Has Said a Lot More, Too

Andrew Has Said a Lot More, Too

After the shoe was hurled, he says Amber threatened suicide, swallowing a bunch of Klonopin pills before throwing them back up. This, we believe, is when he texted 911.

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