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Andy Cohen Claps Back at Criticism of Reunion Hosting

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Andy Cohen is one of the few Executive Producers in reality TV who also has a presence on air. As fans know, he has hosted Watch What Happens Live for several years.

In addition, he hosts all the reunion specials for the network. This includes the Housewives shows, Below Deck, and anything else that does a reunion at the end of the season. However, people have been calling out Andy for years now about ways he could do better as a host. In fact, some have said that he should step down in some cases. The most recent thing is that he responded on his radio show to a recent article critiquing the way he hosts the reunion specials. 

It can be argued that Andy has heard criticism and has improved the way he goes about the reunions. This is because many of the more recent times he’s hosted have been better. He’s asked follow-up questions, he has held people’s feet to the fire, and we can’t deny the fact that he brings a certain level of camp and humor to the reunions. 

However, Reality Tea recently posted a feature article that provided a few tips to the WWHL host. They included things like how he needs to hide his biases, embrace important conversations, and ask follow-up questions. Recently, Andy’s radio co-host, John, brought up the article and used it as a discussion point on their show. 

The great thing is that he seemed to accept most of the points made against him as a reunion host. However, he did have a few excuses. 

It seems many people call out Andy over his performance in the Below Deck season 7 reunion. Some say his hosting made them believe he didn’t watch the season. However, Andy says he watches every show he hosts. 

He had this to say about the Below Deck season 7 reunion, ” It sounds like an excuse, but it’s the truth. I got a terrible dog bite right before the reunion, and my head was not in it.”

His cohost attested to the dog bite. 

One of the next pieces of criticism had to do with the reunion for Real Housewives of Potomac season 5. In that reunion, fans felt he was overly hard on Monique Samuels but gave Candiace Dillard Bassett a bit of a pass. This was cited as an example of him not hiding his biases. 

Andy however denied any claims of biases and stated sometimes fans can mistake him asking Bravo stars  “hard questions” that need to be asked as being biased.

Besides this, the article called Andy out for his ‘off-color comments’ and cited him once saying, “Any hole’s a goal.” However, Andy says he never said that. He and his co-host agreed that people who have problems with off-color humor should probably not be watching Bravo. 



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