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Anthem Guide: Complete List Of All Masterwork And Legendary Items

By Max / Published on Thursday, 28 Feb 2019 04:48 AM / No Comments / 666 views

Anthem is all about loot. There are a number of fair criticisms of Anthem that suggest it doesn’t do enough with that concept, and up until the end-game grind, that’s mostly true. A looter shooter is only as good as the shiny orbs of various colors that enemies explode into. While Anthem takes a long time to get there, once players begin crafting Masterwork variants of their favorite gun, weapons begin to feel like they have the character we’ve come to associate with the genre.

Though you wouldn’t know it by playing through Anthem‘s early game, BioWare’s shooter actually has a pretty big loot pool. It just takes a long time for players to wade into the deep end, and the shallow waters feel lackluster. Getting to the end-game is one thing, but figuring out exactly which weapons and gear a Freelancer should take into a fight is another.


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Luckily, there’s a list of all of Anthem‘s Masterwork and Legendary loot right here. First, credit where credit is due: Reddit users KrystallAnn and wykk put together the original list, available HERE. We’ll break things down by broadly available weapons and then Javelin-specific items, with their non-upgraded names in brackets beside them. By the end of the list, players will know what they’re looking for and what it does in terms of special perks, with the hope that everyone finds their ideal loadout ahead of Anthem‘s post-launch plans.


Anthem Weapons

Anthem Divine Vengeance

Assault Rifles

  • Divine Vengeance – Every third weak point hit causes large fire explosions. (Warden)
  • Elemental Rage – Hitting Elite enemies increases all elemental damage by 5% for 10 seconds. Stacks to 20. (Defender)
  • Ralner’s Blaze – Ignites that target while on a hit-streak (5). (Hammerhead)


  • Endless Siege – Base magazine size is increased by 100% and base damage is increased by 100%. (Torrent)
  • Fist of Stral – Hitting enemies increases weapon damage by 10% for 5 seconds. Stacks to 10. (Cloudburst)
  • The Last Stand – When Javelin health declines, all weapon damage increases by 75% for 10 seconds. (Mauler)

Grenade Launcher

  • Balm of Gavinicus – Hitting 2 enemies restores 25% armor. (Lurker)
  • Insult and Injury – Defeating an enemy clears harmful status effects and boosts effect resistance by 75% for 10 seconds. (Bombardier)
  • Sentinel’s Vengeance – Detonates an area acid effect on a small hit streak. (Aftershock)

Heavy Pistol

  • Avenging Herald – Hovering increases weapon damage by 200%. (Blastback)
  • Close Encounter – Dashing increases weapon damage by 75% for 10 seconds. (Barrage)
  • Glorious Result – Hitting 2 enemy weak points quickly increases all weapon damage by 150% for 5 seconds. (Resolution)


  • Artinia’s Gambit – When reloading, detonates a Combo explosion in the immediate area. (Relentless)
  • Cycle of Pain – Weak point hits increase weapon rate of fire by 10% for 10 seconds. Stacks to 10. (Sledgehammer)
  • Renewed Courage – Last shot reduces recoil by -50% for the next 20 seconds. Stacks to 2. (Havoc)

Machine Pistol

  • Retaliation of Garretus – When suit health declines, weapon damage increases by 125% for 10 seconds. (Trajector)
  • Unending Battle – Hitting an enemy at point-blank range increases weapon and melee damage by 110% for 5 seconds. (Fulcrum)
  • Vassa’s Surprise – On a melee hit, gain 25% ammo in the magazine.  (Hailstorm)

Marksman Rifle

  • Death From Above – While hovering, increases weak point damage by 65%. (Guardian)
  • Soothing Touch – Hits reduce recoil by -50%. Stacks to 3 for 5 seconds. (Anvil)
  • Thunderbolt of Yvenia – Has a 33% chance to deal large electric damage. (Scout)


  • Papa Pump – Reloading increases force and delivers bonus damage of 100% for 15 seconds. Stacks to 2. (Scattershot)
  • Radiant Fortress – Hitting 8 shots in a single burst recharges shields by 35%. (Constrictor)
  • Rolling Carnage – Dashing increases this weapon’s damage by 50% for 20 seconds. Stacks to 3. (Vengeance)


  • Siege Breaker – On a hit streak (3), shots freeze the target. (Whirlwind)
  • Truth of Tarsis – Hitting weak points on enemies under a status effect will set off a chain combo. (Devastator)
  • Wyvern Blitz – Hovering while firing increases weapon weak point damage by 40%. (Deadeye)

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