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Ashley Martson: The GoFundMe for Jay Smith Was PURE FRAUD!

By Max / Published on Friday, 19 Jul 2019 05:25 AM / No Comments / 559 views

Earlier this month, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Jay Smith was arrested and placed in ICE custody ahead of his deportation.

The arrest was over violating a domestic violence protection order issued by his ex, Ashley Martson.

Now, Ashley is clearing the air — and explaining that people who tried to “help” Jay fight deportation were lied to about what that money is for.

“In regards to the GoFundMe…it was all lies,” Ashley Martson says to Celebuzz.

“The GoFundMe was made to pay for a criminal defense attorney to fight a PFA violation,” she explains.

That is “not an immigration lawyer as the GoFundMe story led people to believe.”

The GoFundMe set up for Jay has also said that the PFA violation charges were dropped.

But Ashley says that this is just another lie.

Jay Smith 17 July 2019 GoFundMe update

“She specifically states the charges were dropped for the PFA on the GoFundMe,” Ashley points out. “That was a total lie.”

“We had court today,” she shares. “Where a judge found Jay guilty of violating the PFA.”

Being found guilty of something is very different from the charge being dropped.

“Everyone who donated money paid for an attorney to try and fight charges of abusing a woman,” Ashley explains. “Aot to save Jay from deportation.”

Deportation, she points out, has been a foregone conclusion for Jay for some time, now.

Ashley says that the stripper who set up Jay’s GoFundMe is also the girl whom he is currently dating.

She also says that they started dating back in January, which makes for a nauseating cheating timeline.

“I just want this behind me,” Ashley expresses. “A PFA isn’t easy to acquire…”

“If I did show the evidence people’s jaws would drop,” she promises.

“It’s sad they don’t know the truth,” Ashley admits. “But I am not going to post it. It’s very disturbing.”

Ashley doesn’t want to show the public evidence of domestic abuse — she showed it to the court, and that should be enough.

“Jay will be deported,” Ashley predicts. “This takes quite some time.”

“It could be a year until he will actually be deported,” she adds.

“He had many chances to return home,” Ashley points out. “He knew he was here illegally.”

Ashley explains that she wasn’t playing control games with Jay and the paperwork — he was the one toying with her heart.

“As for people saying I held his status over his head, that’s not true,” Ashley emphasizes.

She explains that “He knew I wasn’t willing to do the paperwork.”

“Anyone who has a family and assets would never put all that on the line,” Ashley expresses.

At least, not “for [someone] who used, abused, and constantly disrespected them.”

Ashley has accused Jay of abuse. Alleged text messages shared by a 90 Day Fiance castmated appear to accuse Jay Smith of rape.

His cheating was obnoxious, but it seems very clear that his toxic relationship with Ashley was much worse than viewers ever knew.

Hopefully, the courts will do their job, and this will all be part of the past.

In the mean time, we just wonder if any of these accusations will be touched upon at the Tell All special.

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