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At-Home Outfit Ideas I’m Stealing From Monica Geller and Rachel Green

While “The One Where They’re All in Lockdown” is not a Friends episode that actually exists, I’ve spent enough time watching the famed nineties television series to be able to hypothesise what an episode with that title might look like. Monica would be furiously disinfecting the apartment and yelling at everyone to wash their hands, Phoebe would be writing a song about the pandemic while questioning its authenticity, Joey and Chandler would be hauled up at home endlessly watching reruns of Baywatch, and well, Rachel and Ross would probably be off somewhere debating whether or not they were actually on a break.

We have all been home a lot more than usual over the last few weeks, and for me, extra time at home often unintentionally results in watching Friends all over again from episode one. (I find it therapeutic—don’t ask me why.) Luckily, it hasn’t been a total waste of time, as the beginning of the series contains a myriad of outfit inspiration, particularly of the off-duty variety. Between the faded vintage denim, the Nike sports bras and the many, many chic polo tops, Monica Geller and Rachel Green are casualwear icons whose outfit are so modern, they wouldn’t feel out of place at a café (or on your couch) today.

Monica’s looks, in particular, feel very relevant right now, as the character is often spotted in hoodies, leggings, and cosy knitwear, which is exactly what I’ve been living in for the past fortnight. Keep scrolling for 11 outfit ideas I’m stealing from Monica and Rachel.

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