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Audrey Roloff Confesses to Marital Struggles, Prompts Shocking Divorce Chatter

By Max / Published on Wednesday, 26 Jun 2019 23:57 PM / No Comments / 565 views

Prepare to be stunned, Little People, Big World fans.

Heck, prepared to be stunned, anyone who is an avid social media or celebrity gossip follower.

Despite many years of offering up marital advice on Instagram, and of making sure everyone is aware that she still has sex with her husband often, Audrey Roloff now admits that her relationship isn’t perfect.

Far from it, in fact.

These days, her marriage to Jeremy Roloff actually appears to be on the rocks.

We have this on very firm authority, too, because Audrey herself is the one who has confessed to it.

Opening her latest Instagram message with a “WARNING” that a “vulnerable post” was on tap, the former TLC star penned the following on Tuesday.

To be honest, the last few weeks have been hard on our marriage.

We have been working through some things and let’s just say there has been a lot of “heated fellowship,” morning hugs missed, and date nights postponed.

We are overworked and exhausted from the pace we’ve been running for too long.

Audrey and Jeremy left Little People, Big World last summer and have since embarked on two new professional projects:

  1. They host a podcast.
  2. They recently released a memoir.

The latter endeavor prompted Jeremy and Audrey to fly around the country on a book tour, which is likely a big part of what Audrey is referencing when she talked about being “overworked and exhausted.”

Added Audrey in her revealing Instagram caption:

We know we need to slow down, but as Dallas Willard puts it, “we intend what is right, but we avoid the life that would make it a reality.” Instead, we keep running, keep pushing, keep producing and keep squeezing all the margin out of our lives.

It’s robbing our joy, stealing our peace, and hindering our ability to love.

Audrey and Jeremy are the parents to a nearly two-year old daughter named Ember.

As mentioned previously, Audrey has gushed like crazy over Jeremy in the past, even telling followers how to find a godly husband like she has done.

To her credit here, Audrey acknowledges that looks can be deceiving, especially over all these social media platforms.

“If you’ve ever looked at or read a post from us and thought “They must just have it all together.” Volume up for this one….WE DON’T,” she continued yesterday.

Audrey even went on to cite the very first picture we published in this article.

It’s the one she posted alongside this admittedly vulnerable and sort of shocking post.

“We fight, struggle, cry, and face challenges just like anyone,” writes Audrey, adding:

“I’m saying this here because if you look at my Instagram feed from the past 3 weeks you don’t see the long tearful conversations, the hurtful remarks, the compiling complaints, the critical spirits, the prideful inner dialogue, or our unloving and disrespectful attitudes.

“You don’t see the full picture.”

Almost exactly one year ago, Jeremy made us cry with his birthday tribute to Audrey.

Now, we’re especially curious to see what he has to say about her around the middle of next month.

Concludes Audrey, earning our admiration for being open and honest and raw:

I don’t want you to be deceived by the highlight reel that is “the gram.” We all have a messy behind the scenes reality. ALL OF US. Even the people you follow on social media who seem to be the most “real.”

Even they have struggles they don’t share, and hurts the don’t publicize.

We all do. And that’s ok! But that also means we need to remind ourselves when we’re scrolling this space that it’s not real life.

So friend, if you’re comparing your life, marriage, kids, house, job, body, etc. to what you see on Instagram, remember it’s NOT the full picture. And I just want to remind ya, you are enough.

You are beautifully and wonderfully made. And you are loved.

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