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BTS Facts About The World’s Biggest Band That Never Existed

Camila and Suki’s friendship isn’t just acting on the show.

Camila recalled a time when she and Suki got in trouble for chatting too much during takes.

She laughed as she reminded Suki of the moment in an interview for Town and Country Magazine, saying, “Do you remember the Timothy Olyphant scene, when he’s talking to Billy, to Sam Claflin, and they’re sitting in the front and they’re like ‘Quiet in the back!’ And it’s just like me and Suki having a beer in the background—and we forget that we’re supposed to mime. And we’re like, ‘so tell me everything.’ Like, ‘Quiet Suki and Cami, we can hear you!’

Suki followed up, saying, “Yeah, we definitely had that natural friendship. Our friendship evolved [quickly]—when you meet someone and start working with them and spend like 12 hours a day together for two years, you know everything about each other’s lives and start dissecting everything and that bleeds into the show.”



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