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Castaway Diva, Nevertheless & More

Chae Jong-Hyeop is a 30-year-old South Korean actor who recently grabbed attention with his performance in Castaway Diva. He started with web dramas and began receiving lead roles from last year.

The storyline of Jong-Hyeop’s characters, Ki-Ho and Bo-Geol, in Park Eun-Bin’s K-drama impressed fans. Since Castaway Diva aired on Netflix, he has become one of the most loved Korean actors. 

Before the ongoing series, the young actor appeared in several K-dramas, including Nevertheless and Unlock My Boss. Take a look at Chae Jong-Hyeop drama list:

Castaway Diva

Castaway Diva is a Netflix K-drama, starring Chae Jong-Hyeop and Park Eun-Bin in lead roles. Eun-Bin’s Mok-Ha dreams of becoming a singer but fate pulls her to an island for 15 years. When Bo-Geol and his brother rescue her, she searches for her childhood friend Ki-Ho. But her search may put Ki-Ho and his family’s lives in danger.

Castaway Diva is the story of love, dreams, friendship, pain, and loyalty. Park Eun-Bin plays Mok-Ha while Jong-Hyeop essays the role of Bo-Geol.


Nevertheless is a 2021 Korean drama based on a webtoon of the same name. It tells the story of two people, Yoo Na-Bi and Park Jae-Eon, who like each other. However, they do not believe in love and commitment due to traumatic past relationships. They flirt, get intimate, and act as strangers when needed.

Things get complicated when Na-Bi’s childhood friend Yang Do-Hyeok enters her life and confesses his love for her. On the other hand, Jae-Eon’s ex-girlfriend Yul-Eum creates a misunderstanding between the lead characters. The twisted romance drama stars Han So-Hee, Song Kang, Chae Jong-Hyeop, and Lee Yul-Eum in the main roles.

Love All Play

Love All Play is Chae Jong-Hyeop’s 2022 sports romance drama. It is the story of a promising badminton player Park Tae-Yang (Park Ju-Hyun) whose dreams once shattered due to an incident. But she gets back to her dream sport after three years and joins team Eunice. Park Tae-Joon (Jong-Hyeop) is also a badminton player who thinks of the sport as a job. After the city hall team rejects him, he joins Eunice. 

The two meet as players and eventually get involved in a romantic relationship. Aside from them, the remaining main cast includes Park Ji-Hyun, Kim Mu-Jun, and Seo Ji-Hye.

Unlock My Boss

Unlock My Boss is a 2022 South Korean drama, starring Chae Jong-Hyeop, Seo Eun-Su, and Park Sung-Woong. It is the story of an IT company CEO, Kim Sun-Joo, who is stabbed and his spirit gets sucked into his smartphone. Park In-Sung finds the phone that instructs him to follow its orders and in return, he will become a billionaire.

With Sun-Joo’s help, In-Sung becomes an Interim CEO of the IT company and tries to find Sun-Joo’s killer. The CEO’s secretary Jung Se-Yeon helps In-Sung in his mission.

The Witch’s Diner

The Witch’s Diner is a 2021 web drama, consisting of eight episodes. It tells the story of an unlucky woman named Jung Jin (Nam Ji-Hyun) who has no job and no boyfriend. She tries to open her own restaurant but fails to make a profit. A witch named Jo Hee-Ra (Song Ji-Hyo) persuades Jung Jin to borrow her restaurant. The selling point of the place was Hee-Ra making food that fulfills customers’ wishes.

Chae Jong-Hyeop is also one of the main cast members as he plays Lee Gil-Young. The high school student works at the restaurant part-time.

Aside from the aforementioned K-dramas, Chae Jong-Hyeop has also appeared in many guest roles and cameos. He is known for his supporting role in Sisyphus: The Myth and guest role in See You in My 19th Life.

Meanwhile, watch Chae Jong-Hyeop in Castaway Diva on Saturdays and Sundays on Netflix and tvN.



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