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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Share First Photo of ADORABLE New Baby!

Teen Mom has a lot of drama.

Just so, so much drama.

On the show, we see breakups, fights, custody battles, abuse accusations, arrests, serious health struggles … it's a lot.

But the one thing we can always count on is that there are some cute kids on the show.

And just a couple of days ago, Catelynn and Tyler added one more kid to the crew!

1. A Cause for Celebration!

A Cause for Celebration!

She’s here, everybody! Catelynn and Tyler’s little bitty baby girl is here!

2. Bittersweet?


It’s still kind of a weird situation, considering that they were separated not too long ago.

3. A Long Story

A Long Story

A whole lot of stuff happened. You remember.

4. Recap!


But just in case you need a refresher, the last time Catelynn was pregnant was in the fall of 2017. She had a miscarriage, she became suicidal after, and she spent six weeks in rehab, came home for a bit, then went back for six more weeks.

5. The Struggle

The Struggle

Tyler was very supportive at first, but the rehab was all the way in Arizona, and the second time she wanted to go, he had a hard time understanding why she couldn’t just do therapy at home.

6. Uh Oh

Uh Oh

And when she went back anyway and started telling about how she was skipping the actual treatment stuff to stay up late and watch movies in her room … well, that was a tough pill for him to swallow.

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