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Celebrity Big Brother Twist! Anthony Scaramucci Was Never Really a Houseguest

This might be the funniest twist of all time. 

There were “rumors” earlier this week that former Trump Administration employee (for 10 days) Anthony Scaramucci had already left the Big Brother house, days before the first eviction. As it turns out, he was never playing the game at all. He was this season’s second big twist, revealing that he’s no longer playing the game but he is leaving behind a new veto twist that allows for a second veto competition before the eviction. 

And to make it even funnier, the second veto competition was essentially an Anthony Scaramucci true or false game, made up of headlines about things the Mooch had said while in the house. Kato Kaelin won the power of veto, which gave him the power to save someone in danger of eviction. 

In the end, it was still a sad result, and one that felt really unfair. 

Jonathan Bennett, star of Mean Girls and current host of many cupcake-related shows on the Food Network, was eventually evicted after only landing on the block because he partnered up with athletic beast Ryan Lochte and just couldn’t compete when a twist revealed that one had to be on the block and one got to be HOH. 

Sure, sure, Julie made some good points about how he messed up and blindsided a few too many people to end up with a vote of 6 to 1, but come on! 

If there’s any actual fairness in this game, there will be another twist that lets Jonathan back in, because this is NOT gruel. Or fetch, tbh. 

Celebrity Big Brother airs most nights on CBS at 8 p.m. 

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