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Charlize Theron’s Racing Series Hyperdrive is Like Fast & Furious

Charlize Theron is now executive producer for a new reality tv racing competition, Hyperdrive. She describes the show as being Fast & Furious meets American Ninja Warrior. Theron starred in the former, and is now turning to reality TV in her newest project.

Theron, who raced her way through the Wasteland in her War Rig as Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road knows a thing or two about racing, as she is also currently filming for Fast & Furious 9 that will set to be released in 2020. The action hero and mother of two isn’t afraid of speed as she is now executive producer of a new racing competition series with Netflix called Hyperdrive. This new competitive racing series brings daring drivers from around the world to test their limits in custom cars on the biggest automotive obstacle course ever built – 100-acres to be exact.


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In this new original Netflix competition series, drivers will be tested on driving excellence, mechanical ingenuity, and emotional resilience. This open-invitation, build-and-race tournament will test the skills of these talented drivers until there is one contestant remaining. The Oscar winner sat down with EW to talk about what prompted her to produce this high-adrenaline type of racing show. She said, “I mean, I love the speed. Something about driving fast just gives you an adrenaline rush you can’t get anywhere else.” Theron also described the show as “American Ninja Warrior meets Fast and Furious, which I think nails it on the head.” Watch the official trailer below:


Charlize broke down what fans can expect from the show, saying, “This show takes you on a wild ride – one minute you’re on the edge of your seat watching a car balance on a giant teeter-totter a hundred feet in the air, and the next you’re about to bawl your eyes out hearing these competitors’ incredible backstories.” She explained wanting to do a reality TV competition show for a while, and when she heard of this unique racing competition show, she was immediately sucked in, saying:

“I thought there was truly nothing on TV like it. It combines my love of cars and competition while maintaining that human element that I love about reality TV. Also, the show’s commitment to bringing in diverse competitors from around the world was really important to me, and I figured these stories would resonate with a wide variety of people.”


This high-octane Netflix original, produced by one of the most badass actresses in Hollywood, will be sure to give fans their adrenaline fix. And the fact that it’s a high-stakes competition show that will include diverse drivers from all over the globe with touching backstories makes it that much more appealing. If nothing else, it’ll hold Fast & Furious fans over until the next installments are finally released.

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Hyperdrive premieres August 21 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix, EW

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