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Cliff Bleszinski on Why Boss Key’s Alien Game Fell Through

Video game industry icon Cliff Bleszinski has discussed why his previous game studio Boss Key never ended up making a game based on the Alien franchise.

Why didn’t Boss Key Productions end up making an Alien game?

While speaking with ComingSoon, the topic of Ridley Scott’s iconic Alien franchise came up. Bleszinski mentioned that the studio had the chance to work within the world of Alien, but these plans fell through when Disney announced it was purchasing Fox in late 2017.

“When I was at Boss Key, we made some solid stuff, but we had a chance to work in the Aliens franchise,” Bleszinski stated. “That’s one of the very, very few existing IPs that I would ever consider working on — that and Firefly. Pitching that to my team was a complicated meeting. Then Disney bought Fox and then everything got effed. So it was what it was, but live and let learn.”

The Alien franchise has spawned quite a few games in the years before and since Boss Key Productions was planning on developing one. Most recently, the Xenomorph and Ellen Ripley crossed over into the massively popular asymmetrical multiplayer game Dead by Daylight, with the paid downloadable content releasing last month.



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