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Colt Johnson: Meet His Hot 22-Year-Old “Divorce Party” Date!

90 Day Fiance exes Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson are throwing divorce parties. Both will take place this weekend.

The gentleman’s club that is hosting both soirees held a contest to see which “lucky” woman would be Coltee’s plus one.

Well folks, we have a winner — so to speak.

Colt Johnson divorce party ad

“What’s better than one woman? 100!” Colt asked and answered to his followers, briefly forgetting that women aren’t commodities.

He shared an advertisement for his divorce party that he’s holding this weekend.

“Join me at @crazyhorse3lv on Friday, 3/1 for a reverse bachelor party,” he announced.

Colt captioned his photo: “#thankgodimsingle #whowantstoparty.”

But he might not be single for long. …

Colt Johnson date winner

“Congrats @Samantha.Harris!!” Crazy Horse III announced on Instagram this week.

“You are the winner of our ‘Win a date with Colt Johnson’ giveaway!” the post reveals.

“We’ll see you on the red carpet of his divorce party this Friday!” the announcement reads. “Please DM us to claim.”

To be clear, this is a special appearance won in a contest. It’s not, like, a romantic date.

Even so, a lot of fans are interested in knowing more about the “winner.”

Samantha Harris Profile Pic

Samantha Harris, it turns out, is a beautiful 22-year-old resident of Las Vegas.

Coltee is currently following her on her private Instagram.

(Which means that he either followed her before she went private or that she accepted his follow)

Whether that means that she has already confirmed her win with Crazy Horse III is undetermined.

Though her pics are hidden, we can already tell you that she’s stunning.

If she’s looking to boost her brand through this, she could take Instagram fame pretty far.

Some who saw Colt’s behavior on and off 90 Day Fiance would say that “winning” a date with him is a little like being selected as tribute in the Hunger Games.

During their marriage and even before it, Larissa lamented that Colt seemed to be flirting with and complimenting different women.

Sometimes her complaints seemed valid; at other times, what we saw on 90 Day Fiance made it appear that she was being overly dramatic.

But then, in December, Colt’s cheating scandal was exposed.

He was DMing all sorts of women, and allegedly lying to them that his marriage was secretly over.

Larissa has also revealed that Colt was emotionally withdrawn during their marriage, and how unloved that made her feel.

So … Samantha may want to make this a one-time thing.

Speaking of Larissa, she is also having a divorce party.

She’s doing it at the same venue, the night after Coltee.

(A gentleman’s club seems more like Coltee’s scene than Larissa’s, so she lacks the homefield advantage, here)

Fans may be either disappointed or relieved to know that Larissa is not hosting any such contest.

That is probably because she already has a date to her divorce party.

Larissa Lima reveals 26-year-old boyfriend 01

Larissa has a young, hot boyfriend and she has revealed that, even though he is camera-shy, he’ll be by her side at her party.

She has not revealed his name or face, but she’s posted shirtless photos and shared that he is 26 years old.

To demonstrate that he’s a major upgrade from her disastrous marriage, Larissa has also shared that he is affectionate and romantic.

And yes, he even brings her flowers. We know how she likes those.

We are on the edges of our seats waiting for these divorce parties. You know that details from them are going to leak.

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