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Dead Island 2 Showcase Unveils Zombie Abilities, Pre-Order Bonuses

After years of hibernation, Dambuster Studios has been showing off Dead Island 2 more and more in the ramp up to its release on April 28, 2023. The zombie-killing RPG just recently had its own showcase, which revealed more gameplay as well as its suite of pre-order bonuses.

The gameplay trailer was the beefiest part and gave a tour of the Los Angeles streets, beaches, and eccentric citizens. It then quickly listed off the melee weapons and firearms players can find around the town before teasing the zombie abilities that turn the protagonist in a zombified Hulk.

The showcase also had a quick trailer for its Amazon Game Control support, which lets users with control parts of the game with just their voice. For example, calling out to a zombie will catch their attention and naming a type of weapon will cycle to one that matches the description. This will only be in the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC versions, though. Amazon Game Control support was announced for Dead Island 2 in August alongside the feature as a whole.

And lastly, Dambuster revealed what players will get for pre-ordering the RPG and how fans can get even more Dead Island 2 merchandise. Those who buy it early will get the Banoi War Club and Banoi Baseball Bat weapons in the game. There’s even a resin figurine of Amy, one of its playable characters, available separately on Deep Silver’s website for €119.99. Dambuster also once again ran down the $99.99 Hell-A Edition that includes the season pass, an exclusive steelbook, a map of Venice Beach, one patch, two pins, six tarot cards, the Golden Weapons Pack, and the Pulp Weapons Pack, both of which contain a variety of weapons.



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