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Dove Cameron Mesmerizes Fans with Racy Selfie

Whether she’s thirst trapping her fans or talking about the destructive entertainment industry, Dove Cameron is one to watch.

Her latest tantalizing look is a fashion forward blend of sharp business casual with … lingerie.

Dove Cameron is stunning — as always — in her latest selfie.

In the photo, she is wearing a gray plaid sport coat.

Beneath that, she is wearing a simple lacy bralette as a top — the best way to wear a bralette.

In the picture, she is reclining — while watching an episode of Friends, it seems.

In addition to her stunning good looks and incredible body, she also puts on an alluring snarl.

Dove’s caption is also raising eyebrows because it’s, well, a little different.

“For the alchemist the one primarily in need of redemption is not man,” Dove quotes, “but the deity who is lost and sleeping in matter.“

She correctly attributes the quote to C.G. Jung — better known as the famed psychoanalyst, Carl Jung.

The contents of the quote are certainly intriguing.

Alchemy is traditionally a mystical practice — generally in the pursuit of immortality, the transmutation of gold, and a greater understanding of the universe.

The practice has existed in various forms in Ancient China, the Middle East, and Europe.

In modern times, alchemists come up in fantasy stories and in video games, and the term is often used simply for fictional chemists in pre-industrial settings.

There is also, of course, a modern day form of mysticism whose members refer to themselves as alchemists.

That said, some have characterized this as a New Age movement designed to appeal to men who find witchcraft too spiritual or too feminine.

We here at THG are not going to tell anyone what to believe, of course. 

We suspect that Dove was not signaling any beliefs but literally just posting a neat quote behind a thirst trap.

Fans and followers were also quick to put aside questions about the caption to comment on her photo.

“Dove Cameron you look super fit,” one praised, asking: “Also what show are you watching now?” 

Another heaped accurate praise upon Dove, writing: “wOW an icon.” 

“You’re making my heart melt!!!!!” an additional commenter wrote. 

That same comment continued: “i missed you so f–kin much.” 

Others could not help but gasp in wonder and Dove’s sense of style.

“i believe in dove cameron in suit supremacy,” one quipped, referring to her gray plaid sport coat.

Another heaped praises upon Dove, writing: “i love how suits make you look 10x more powerful.”

Dove does look absolutely amazing, both in and out of suits.

At the risk of falling into the trap of gender stereotypes, a lot of male commenters are likely to look at physical features.

Due to socialization factors, women — encouraged almost from birth to notice these things — are more likely to compliment fierce eyeliner and a keen sense of style.

There are plenty of exceptions, obviously, especially among those making conscious choices about how they respond to pics on social media.

But the generalizations hold true whether or not either commenter is complimenting in a horny way or simply an appraising way.

Read through the comments and you’ll start to pick up on whose makeup is the most on fleek and whose sense of style is positively enviable.

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