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Fallout 76’s New Update Is Making the Game Worse | ScreenRant

Players think that the latest Fallout 76 update is not improving the game, but making it even worse thanks to bugs and other issues. Although fans were excited by the initial Fallout 76 announcement, they were less enthused after Bethesda revealed that the game was multiplayer and based on the settlements introduced in Fallout 4and has colored their perception of the game ever since.

Many players just wanted to return to the Wasteland to explore the post-apocalyptic setting that they loved in previous Fallout games. Unfortunately, Fallout 76 failed to deliver on many fronts, and thanks to a series of glitches and game-breaking bugs, it became one of Bethesda’s worst-reviewed games in 12 years. However, Bethesda took to the stage at its 2019 E3 presentation to assure players it was working on the game and announced that it would add NPCs and a battle royale mode.

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The latest Fallout 76 update, though, seems to be a massive step backward for Bethesda. According to a thread on Reddit, gamers are complaining about a new series of bugs and glitches, including players trying to farm legendary enemies without receiving legendary drops. There is also an area in Whitesprings that instantly kills anyone who ventures into it. One weird bug doesn’t render character heads after removing power helmets. 

Fallout 76 players are also reporting other issues, such as the game freezing and crashing, getting trapped in their armor, gear that keeps unequipping itself, and weapons firing the wrong kind of ammo. Another reason players are angry is that despite these existing gameplay issues, Bethesda updated the storefront of the Atom Store, where players can spend real-world money on in-game items. The Atom Store has already received a series of complaints from players, with many feeling that Bethesda is ripping them off with high prices, especially when the rest of the game still needs some serious work.


Fallout 76 players who have stuck it out this long are becoming more frustrated, with good reason. Although new NPCs with actual dialogue options and personality, alongside the battle royale mode, are coming soon, many might decide to leave the game based on this latest round of “fixes” that have broken the game even more. By the time Fallout 76 reaches its true potential, there might not be anyone left around to play it.

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Source: Reddit

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