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Get to Know Rap Sh!t Star Aida Osman

Aida Osman may be just beginning her acting career, but she’s no stranger to the entertainment world. The Nebraska native stars in Issa Rae’s “Rap Sh!t” as Shawna — one half of the show’s central rap duo and a character she helped create specifically for herself. Before her TV debut, Osman started out as a writer on Netflix’s “Big Mouth” and HBO’s “Betty,” also serving as a cohost on the “Keep It!” podcast. However, Osman’s gig on her HBO Max show isn’t her first time flexing her creativity.

After graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2018, Osman built a following on Twitter a year later from a funny viral video of her rapping about . . . err, pegging. From there, her career took off as she booked her “Big Mouth” job almost immediately after, per Vanity Fair.

Fast forward a few years, and Osman has made a huge splash in the hip-hop-inspired “Rap Sh!t,” which returns on Nov. 9 for its second season. Keep reading to learn more about the comedy writer turned actor.



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