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Gotham Final Season Trailer: 'Madness is on the Menu'

FOX has released the latest trailer for Gotham‘s final season, which warns viewers to prepare for Jeremiah’s final act of insanity. Since its inception, the Batman prequel has kept fans guessing how the young Bruce Wayne would become the beloved Dark Knight, not to mention if a villain as iconic as the Joker would ever truly come into play. With this season’s string of movie-length trailers touting the fruition of every villain’s carelessly laid plans – culminating in the gleeful preview for February 21st’s “Ace Chemicals”  – it seems those two burning questions will finally be answered.


Season 5 of Gotham has already taken a page from the No Man’s Land comic arc, dividing the city into sections ruled by various members of the show’s take on the Rogues Gallery.  Now, it’s turning its attention to the long-awaited transformation of Bruce into Batman, a role nearly foisted on him by Jeremiah’s desperate desire to rebuild him into the ideal opponent. Though this interpretation is different from the old adage about Batman creating his own villains, it’s much more fitting for a show about reluctant heroes stepping up in the face of a city gone mad.

As seen in FOX’s newest trailer, Jeremiah’s abduction of Alfred and most recent dabbling in plastic surgery have a very specific purpose: forcing Bruce to relive the worst moment of his life. Will facing the darkness inside of him make Bruce as twisted as Jeremiah, or will it help a new hero rise from the ashes? Of course fans know the answer already, but the journey is sure to be a wild ride. Check out the preview below:

The marketing for the final season has gone out of its way to be as cinematic as possible, producing titillating promos that go above and beyond the norm for television. As much as they give away, though, there’s still plenty more stories to play out considering how much ground Gotham covers in a single episode. After all, despite the next episode focusing on Bruce and Jeremiah’s eternal struggle, there’s still the newly-created Bane and Selina’s latest turn as a hero of the underworld to contend. And let’s not forget Barbara’s pregnancy, which is sure to lead to the birth of a fan-favorite character that audiences have been wondering about since Barbara’s shocking murders at the end of the first season.


Only six episodes of Gotham are left and, judging by the trailer, showrunner John Stephens is going to make every last one of them count. All bets are off as we wait with bated breath for Bruce to don the legendary batsuit in the wake of “one bad day” too many. And, even though fans already know perfectly well what the future holds, Gotham is still keeping the buildup as exciting as it is unexpected.

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Gotham airs on Thursdays at 8pm on FOX.

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