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I Love Wearing Sandals and These Are the 6 New Trends I’m Into

There are far more important things I’m hoping for this year, but many of them feel far-reaching and beyond reality. So as silly as it may sound, tapping to a new sandal trend for spring/summer 2021 at least feels achievable and even more exciting than it has in years past. I’ve never been one to turn down a new pair of sandals—they are the thing I look forward to wearing most when the weather turns—and this season won’t be any different, as the wide and enticing variety on offer is enough to tempt even the most hardened sneaker wearer. Even if my fancy flip-flops, box-fresh Birkenstocks, or retro kitten heels only get as far as around the block for my neighbours to enjoy, that will be good enough for me. Hotter climes and exotic adventures may have to wait, but these sandals will be ready for them.

Yes, I need a pedicure. Yes, I will probably do a terrible job of it at home. Yes, I will then try hard to ignore my toenails and still wear my sandals at the first glimpse of spring. And yes, I’m going to find it hard to choose which style to invest in first, as the below list of sandal trends for 2021 is rather extensive. Some designs are carrying on from last summer’s biggest success stories, while others feel like totally new propositions. What you will notice is that there are essentially two disparate sandal camps: On the one hand (foot?), you have super sparkle and all-out glam, while on the other you have practicality and all-terrain suitability. There’s no need to choose a side—you can be both sensible and OTT throughout any given week.

Keep scrolling for the six top sandal trends I think will take off in 2021 and to shop the best options available already.

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