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Jenelle Evans and David Eason Reunited with Children: What’s HAPPENING?!

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are currently living their lives child-free, despite having five children between them.

And that’s because they are terrible people unfit to care for a plant, let alone a gaggle of kids.

But still, even though they’re currently only allowed to see the kids in visits supervised by CPS workers, they were able to spend yesterday with Kaiser, Ensley, and Jace.

Could it be possible that they’re about to get custody back already?!

1. Let’s Get Started

Let's Get Started

Jenelle and David are not good parents. And that’s not just our opinion — it’s also the state of North Carolina’s opinion.

2. Recap Time!

Recap Time!

Jenelle and David lost custody of all of their children — temporarily anyway — after David murdered the family dog.

3. Interesting


There’s some speculation that it’s because of more than just the dog stuff. Although it’s certainly terrible enough all by itself, many people believe that police uncovered more evidence that the home was unsafe for the kids and we haven’t heard about it in an attempt to protect the children’s privacy.

4. Facts


Either way, police determined that Jenelle and David aren’t providing a good, safe home for their children, and so now Maryssa is staying with her mother and her grandmother, Kaiser is with his father, Nathan Griffith, and Ensley is with big brother Jace at Barbara’s house.

5. Good


And that’s where they’ll stay until Jenelle and David prove to their judge that they’ve changed their ways and can take on the immense responsibility of child rearing, which, even if things go swimmingly, will take several months at least.

6. Naturally


And if you’ve been keeping up with this story, you’ll know that “swimmingly” is no way to describe how things have been playing out.

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