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Jenelle Evans: David is Getting Tons of Alone Time with Kaiser! It’s Fine!

By Max / Published on Monday, 26 Aug 2019 04:21 AM / No Comments / 256 views

Jenelle Evans has always had a habit of being a little delusional.

Or, OK, a lot delusional.

Her history with this has been well-documented, thanks to Teen Mom 2 and basically everything she’s ever said anywhere, but this latest piece of evidence is really just extraordinary.

Unfortunately, Kaiser is the one suffering here for her refusal to keep in touch with reality …

1. Hmm …

Hmm ...

It’s hard to know where to start with this doozy of a story, friends — we could do a quick recap of all the ways that David has proven he doesn’t need to be around people, especially children, or we could focus on the reasons he doesn’t need to be around Kaiser in particular.

2. True


We could also kick things off with a general “hey, how about Jenelle and her dedication to being the worst?” rant.

3. Questions, Questions

Questions, Questions

It’s tough, but let’s just start with this — Kaiser is a precious baby angel who doesn’t deserve any of this.

4. Awww


Kaiser is only five years old now, but he’s always seemed like such a sweet little kid, right? He’s so cute, he’s always been great with Ensley and all the animals and really just everything.

5. Too Bad

Too Bad

Unfortunately for him, his mother is Jenelle, and she’s allowed lots and lots of bad things to happen to him and around him.

6. Ugh


She’s never been like Mother of the Year or anything, but things took a dark turn when she starting dating David.

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