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Jenelle Evans: Everyone Hates Me and It’s DEPRESSING, OK?!

For years and years, the people who have known of Jenelle Evans have hoped and prayed that one day, against all odds, she might develop a tiny bit of self awareness.

But we didn’t want it to happen like this.

As you probably know, Jenelle hasn’t had an easy go of it this year.

We’ve learned more and more about just how abusive and awful David is, and of course she lost custody of her kids for a few weeks there.

And if she was almost anybody else, she’d take everything that’s happened as a huge wake-up call and get to changing her life.

As it were, she’s Jenelle.

And … well, let’s just get into her latest nonsense.

1. Hard Times

Hard Times

Yeah, so 2019 hasn’t been the best year for Jenelle, huh?

2. A Whirlwind of Horrors

A Whirlwind of Horrors

Just in the past few months, her life pretty much fell apart, and it started when David, her allegedly (do we even have to say “allegedly” anymore after hearing her 911 calls?) abusive husband murdered her dog.

3. RIP Nugget

RIP Nugget

Nugget was a tiny little French bulldog, and it didn’t seem like they ever bothered to try to train her or to try to teach the kids how to interact with her, but when she nipped at Ensley, David thought an appropriate reaction would be to throw her outside and shoot her with a shotgun.

4. Not So Much

Not So Much

As it turned out, it was not an appropriate reaction.

5. Send Help

Send Help

Teen Mom fans who watched things play out on social media were absolutely livid about what had happened to poor Nugget, and before too long, MTV announced that they were no longer filming Jenelle’s story.

6. Also Police

Also Police

Additionally, police were tipped off, and an investigation was opened.

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