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Jenelle Evans: I’m Single! David Eason is GONE!

Guys …

You know the moment we've been hoping and praying for for years now?

It just happened.

Jenelle Evans has officially declared herself single.


This is a huge moment for Teen Mom viewers, and probably for Jenelle and her family, too.

Who knows how long it will last, but for now, let's savor this messy details, OK?

1. Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise

So Jenelle and David have never had a healthy relationship. Ever.

2. Makes Sense

Makes Sense

But we are talking about Jenelle here, so that’s to be expected.

3. A Step Up?

A Step Up?

In the very beginning of their relationship, some people actually thought David was good for Jenelle. He had a good job, which was already a big step up from previous boyfriends.

4. Oh …

Oh ...

But then we found out about his criminal history, which involves a whole bunch of arrests, some stints in jail, and a restraining order from an ex after accusations of domestic violence.

5. Sorry 'Bout It!

Sorry 'Bout It!

So yeah, not so much a fairytale.

6. Come Through, Babs

Come Through, Babs

Barbara, Jenelle’s mother, said early on that David was the worst boyfriend Jenelle has ever had, and although many people couldn’t believe it then … well, we never should have doubted you, Barbara.

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