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Jenelle Evans Lets Toddler Play with Gun in Shocking New Video

Jenelle Evans … why is she the way that she is?

We know all about her history — her troubled childhood, her teen pregnancy, her drug use and so on.

But still, you'd think that at some point she would learn not to do certain things, or at least not to do them in front of her nearly three million followers on Instagram.

Unfortunately, that's just not the case.

It's looking like Jenelle will never, ever learn.

And it's also looking like her kids are suffering for it.

1. A Big Question

A Big Question

Where do we even start on the topic of Jenelle’s parenting fails?

2. A Fact

A Fact

There have just been so, so many.

3. Oh, Jace …

Oh, Jace ...

Remember when Jace was a baby and Jenelle thought she could leave him at home while she went out to party all night because he’d be sleeping anyway? She said that when he was a newborn.

4. She Wasn't Wrong

She Wasn't Wrong

She thought it wasn’t a big deal because her mom was there to take care of him, and she was right, because after a few months of this, Barbara got custody of Jace.

5. Not a Good Look

Not a Good Look

As questionable as some of the other Teen Moms were in the beginning, none of them have ever lost custody of their children like that.

6. Going Down a Bad Road

Going Down a Bad Road

After that, she got more into partying and drugs and getting arrested, and while she talked about getting Jace back every once in a while, she obviously wasn’t in any place to do that.

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