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Jenelle Evans: Proof She’s ALREADY Back with David Eason?!

It's been a glorious time for Teen Mom gossip, hasn't it?

That's because Jenelle's just been on fire lately.

We don't want to say that her life has been falling apart, but … well, it's not going great.

It rarely is, honestly, but we think a divorce usually qualifies as extra bad, right?

But is she even getting divorced?

What is going on with this girl?!

1. Recap Time!

Recap Time!

OK, so there sure has been a lot going on with our favorite hot mess Teen Mom, huh?

2. Bad Times

Bad Times

Whatever happened between Jenelle and David, it happened sometime last week — just in time for her to skip her traditional Valentine’s Day gushing.

3. More Fights?

More Fights?

The general consensus, and this has been mentioned in a report we’ll get to in a little bit, is that they got into some kind of fight after last week’s episode of Teen Mom 2.

4. Yikes


You know, the one that showed us what happened after Jenelle’s infamous 911 call.

You’ve almost definitely heard the call by now, but for the sake of being thorough, here it is again: you can hear Jenelle sobbing hysterically and telling the operator that she thinks David may have broken her collarbone.

6. Oooh, Barbara

Oooh, Barbara

We always knew the call and its aftermath would have to be a big part of this season, and it has been — we even saw Barbara directly say that she believes her daughter is the victim of domestic violence.

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