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Jersey Shore Family Vacation Sneak Peek: Mike Sorrentino Gets Sentenced

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has reportedly been living it up in prison, but he’s still behind bars. That’s no fun, no matter how you spin it.

And in this sneak peek for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, we see his friends and castmates greet him nervously as he shows up for court.

Snooki is wiping away tears even before the sentence is handed down. Take a look:

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation outside the courthouse

“I’m terrified,” Snooki admits during this sneak peek clip for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

“Like,” she adds. “I’m not in a good mood right now.”

That is very fair.

She and her companions are all dressed up in black … some less formally than others.

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst,” Jenni JWoww Farley suggests to the group.

Now those are some wise words by which to live.

Pauly D tries to lighten to mood … by roasting his friends.

“Angelina, your ride’s here!” he calls out as a garbage truck drives past.

It’s a cute way to try to raise people’s spirits or at least distract them from what’s going on.

“Not right now!” she protests. “I can’t laugh at a moment like this!”

That’s fair. Even though nervous laughter is natural, she doesn’t want to be grinning when Mike pulls up.

Snooki speaks to the camera about Mike sentencing

This is when Pauly observes that every single one of them wore black.

“It looks like we’re going to a funeral,” Pauly notes.

Nicole chimes in: “It feels like it, honestly.”

“Pauly looks good,” Vinny praises before adding: “But he’s wearing Yeezys.”

“Jenni looks like she’s a former prosecutor mixed with a porn star,” Vinny continues.

“And Ronnie looks like he’s going to court,” he adds. He then pauses before concluding: “As a criminal.”

Meanwhile, Snooki cannot stop fretting over Mike’s looming sentencing.

“If Mike gets a Judge Judy-type judge right now, he’s f–ked,” Snooki predicts.

“He doesn’t fit in in prison,” she characterizes.

Snooki adds, both hilariously and correctly: “Ronnie does, but not Mike!”

“My heart is racing right now,” Mike admits when he arrives alongside his now-wife, Lauren.

“But at the end of the day, I need to hold my head high with grace and class,” he expresses. “For myself and my family.”

The tension is deeply palpable when Mike pulls up, but he greets everyone as warmly as he can.

Vinny cannot stop singing his buddy’s praises.

“Mike is the most positive person I’ve ever met,” Vinny observes.

“But even for him this is a monumental moment, a tough moment,” he characterizes.

Vinny says: “He will truly be tested today.”

Snooki catches herself tearing up and begins delicately wiping away the tears as Mike approaches the courthouse on foot.

She wants to be strong for her friend, but she is so upset by what’s happening and is so afraid for him.

We now have the benefit of hindsight — we’ve had months of listening to Mike’s friends discuss his prison experience as not being all that bad.

But Snooki cannot help but fear the worst about Mike’s future. Her tears make a lot of sense.

The new season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation premieres on July 11.

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