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Jung Sung Il will Reportedly Work Alongside Kim Hye Soo in “Trigger”

Jung Sung Il will possibly return to K-dramas through a comedy genre!

According to the exclusive report of media outlet Star News on November 7, Jung Sung Il has been picked to lead the upcoming comedy K-drama Trigger with top actress Kim Hye Soo

If Jung Sung Il officially confirmed the news, this would be his next K-drama project after gaining more fame through the Netflix original K-drama The Glory. Many are already excited about how Jung Sung Il will act in the comedy genre after being praised for his performance in The Glory which has a dark theme. 

Jung Sung Il will also reportedly star in the upcoming thriller K-drama Guardians

The actor will also be active in the movie scene in the future. Jung Sung Il will be joining the upcoming movies Interview, Omniscient Reader, and War and Revolt

Many are already anticipating the chemistry between Jung Sung Il and his next top co-star Kim Hye Soo. Jung Sung Il has proven again and again his great chemistry with brilliant actresses such as Song Hye Kyo, Shin Min Ah, Im Ji Yeon, and more.

Trigger is a comedy K-drama that will tell the happenings at Korea’s first Investigative Journalism Bureau of a broadcasting company. It will focus on a team of investigative journalists who will unveil the truth about the mysterious events.

Kim Hye Soo will reportedly play the role of the team leader of the Investigative Journalism Bureau. Jung Sung Il on the other hand got the offer to play the role of an independent and self-centered PD.

The upcoming K-drama will be produced by KeyEast Entertainment and it will be directed by Yoo Seon Dong (The Uncanny Counter and Bad and Crazy).

There is no official confirmation yet on the broadcast channel and airing date of the upcoming comedy K-drama Trigger.


Do you think Jung Sung Il and Kim Hye Soo will have good chemistry in a comedy K-drama?



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