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Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson Divorce Parties: Who Won?

By Max / Published on Tuesday, 05 Mar 2019 04:18 AM / No Comments / 761 views

90 Day Fiance exes Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson both threw divorce parties.

Both parties were this weekend.

Both parties were at the same venue — Crazy Horse III, a Vegas gentleman's club.

Larissa herself as well as onlookers offered up glimpses into the parties.

Plus, a witness described what went down at each bash — including which star got so drunk that they had to be carried out by their friends!

1. It's SUPER over

It's SUPER over

Larissa and Coltee’s marriage lasted all of, what, seven months? And it didn’t end soon enough. Over the weekend, they both threw divorce parties … at the same venue.

2. Let's start with Colt

Let's start with Colt

There was a red carpet and everything, and you know that Colt was happy to be at the center of attention. Thankfully, people had their phones and Instagram Stories there to capture each and every moment.

3. He brought flowers for his date!

He brought flowers for his date!

As you may recall, 22-year-old Samantha Harris “won” a date with Colt. Curiously, he remembered to bring flowers for her. Was it a gag, or is he avoiding repeating past mistakes? Or maybe someone just handed him a bouquet to give to her.

4. Hey, she got a photo op out of it

Hey, she got a photo op out of it

We have an uncomfirmed report on how her night went that we will share in a bit.

5. Colt got a lot of attention

Colt got a lot of attention

Strippers, like other types of sex workers, make a living with displays of attention like this. Also, we did get a chuckle out of the “Colt Digger” pun. Colt never had any gold for which to dig.

6. Fans were roasting him at home

Fans were roasting him at home

To be fair, Colt is literally famous. 90 Day Fiance is a tremendously famous show, and he is one of the most talked about men in the history of the franchise. But there are good ways and bad ways to be famous, you know?

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