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Lesa Calls Taleen a B**ch at Chanel’s Party

This episode of the Real Housewives of Dubai is titled “Drama Queens,” which is rather fitting considering what goes down.  Stanbury loses her patience with Sergio, who later opens up about their relationship during a guys’ night. Ayan hosts a queens dinner party, which ends with a surprising exchange.  But it’s Taleen talking to Stanbury privately that really gets the group in a tizzy…

When Taleen moved to Dubai nine years ago, she found that she focused mainly on working out, since she had no social circle at the time.  She realized then that there was a void in women’s fitness and jumped at the opportunity to help women through boot camps. Taleen still loves teaching these class, though her time to do so is hard to come by as a mother to two.  Although she is ready to get back into it full time, her husband really wants to try for a boy, and that would mean baby number three, plus more setback when it comes to her career goals.

Over at Caroline’s hotel, I mean her friend, Michael’s house, packing is underway. Stanbury and Sergio are FINALLY getting ready to move into their home and they have most certainly worn out their welcome with their 3 dogs, 2 personal assistants, and a driver.  Might as well throw a partridge in a pear tree into the mix. Stanbury explains that everything in the new house is in her name, so she is responsible for setting everything up. As Sergio asks her tens of thousands of questions, she prefers he would rather just handle things on his own.

Stanbury blows up on Sergio and he claims he is doing everything. She has lost all of her patience and has yelled loud enough to get Michael involved, much to Sergio’s chagrin. Stanbury refers to Sergio as a gnat and Michael explains he is not trying to be the husband, but rather understand what is going on.  Sergio is frustrated that Stanbury is not prioritizing him and he storms off after Stanbury berates him for interrupting her as she pays the bills.

Ayan is ready to do her forensic age estimation by teeth.  She can’t wait to see how old she is and she has brought Lesa and Stanbury along for the ride. They joke that Stanbury only wants to come to be sure Ayan is older than she is, but the subject changes to Ayan’s upcoming queens dinner party. She wants the group together to love themselves, instead of bickering, but fat chance of that happening.

As Ayan gets checked up, Lesa hears about how Stanbury is navigating the waters with Brooks.  Stanbury admits she can be cordial to Brooks, but isn’t looking to have friends who purposely hurt her. Based on the x rays and measurements, it seems as though Ayan is missing half her teeth and that she will have to wait and see her age after the doctor studies the information. The suspense!

Brooks is busy planning her son’s birthday, even though he has been acting out lately. She is having a hard time “navigating the life of a tween,” but is still happy to have full custody of her son.  Brooks is prepping her house for her mother’s arrival from Boston. Brooks tells her mom via FaceTime that she has been fighting with Stanbury and is hoping that her mom, the voice of reason, can help them work through their issues.

Sara meets up with her friend, Saba, who also happens to be her business partner. Akin, Sara’s new love interest, calls while they are out for tea. He lives in Germany, but Sara is loving getting to know him. Akin is planning on coming to Dubai and Saba can’t wait to see if he’s the one for her friend.

Stanbury is thrilled to be in her new home and to her, it doesn’t even feel real. Her kids are there and she is happy to have everyone all together under one roof again. Sergio apologizes for the way he reacted while living at Michael’s house and he blames it all on stress.

Taleen explains that having a chef is very common in Dubai…and she has tons of help for her luxurious lifestyle. As she “bakes” cookies, Taleen’s husband, Raffi, talks about guys’ night the night before. He tells Taleen that Sergio was looking for advice on parenting Stanbury’s children when he is closer to their age than Stanbury’s.  Taleen points out that everything seems to be hitting Sergio and that he must be having a hard time if he is sharing with the guys so openly.

It’s the night of Ayana’s queens dinner and she looks regal as all get out as she enters donning her crown that has to weigh 25 pounds. The women roll up fashionably late to the same place the infamous Beyoncé concert took place. Ayan talks about how she was VVIP and I am certain we have discussed this 10 times already. Ayan talks about how each of the women bring something different into her life and they all toast to being queens.

Stanbury shares that she has moved to her home, finally, and things continue to be awkward between Brooks and Stanbury.  Stanbury claims that she is in a “cold war” with Brooks, but pretends that everything is good. In order to lighten the mood, Sara gets put on the spot about her new man. Akin will be coming to Dubai in a few days.

Ayan decides the ladies should play a game and say something nice about one of the ladies at the table. They go around pumping each other up and it absolutely confusing to see Ayan butter Brooks up with compliments.  Taleen calls Stanbury a “role model” and states that the women look up to her in many different ways. After kissing her butt, Taleen pulls Stanbury aside so they can chat in private.

Taleen talks about how Sergio brought up some things to her husband.  According to Taleen, Sergio feels disrespected by Stabury’s children and Taleen wonders if their relationship is ok. Stanbury answers almost too quickly that they are fine and admits that she has spoken to her daughter about the way she talks to Sergio. Stanbury states that the way Taleen handled this situation is very respectful, since Taleen discussed this in private, instead of in front of the group.  Taleen wonders if Sergio regrets getting married, but Stanbury claims that if he ever felt like he made the wrong decision, the door is open for him to leave. WTF.

When they make their way back to the table, everyone is nosey and wants to know what they were talking about. Lesa seems especially perplexed by this side convo and when Taleen wonders why Lesa cares so much about the situation, Lesa states, “b*tch, I’ve moved on.” Lesa goes on to use the word b*tch four times on Taleen, and she thinks it’s weird that Taleen is pulling Stanbury aside knowing that the group is so divided.  Wonder how this beef will affect the rest of the season…

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