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Lightsaber Hilt Pieces Being Sold As Scrap Metal At Galaxy’s Edge

Disney Parks‘ brand new Star Wars theme park, Galaxy’s Edge, is immersing guests even further into the smuggler sanctuary of Black Spire Outpost by selling lightsaber hilt pieces as scrap metal. The success of Disney’s latest theme park has truly been out-of-this-world, with the park even maxing capacity within an hour on opening day. With demand continuing to skyrocket, Galaxy’s Edge has taken to creating a reservation system for guests to use. In order to avoid the park from getting over-crowded, Disneyland’s app has a virtual queue that allows attendees to request later entrance into the park. From there, they’re assigned a group number that notifies them of their entry time.

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This method has worked out well for Disneyland by significantly shortening wait times for some of the parks’ highly-anticipated attractions. As of now, the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run ride is Galaxy’s Edge’s biggest feat, with its second attraction, Rise of the Resistance, rolling out later on in the year. But Smuggler’s Run isn’t the only thing park-goers can enjoy while scoping out Black Spire Outpost. Attendees can also visit Olga’s Cantina for a quick drink, Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities for rare collectibles, along with Savi’s Workshop, where guests can create their own lightsabers.


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The Gatherer’s in Savi’s workshop truly want to involve guests in every aspect of the lightsaber creation process, even allowing them to customize their lightsabers with scrap metal. According to Disneyland News Today, purchasing the hilt pieces is actually very simple, “just walk up [to the Gatherers] and ask for ‘scrap metal’.” The pieces are, “amassed from leftover custom lightsaber builds,” which is why they’re referred to as scrap. But, in order to obtain the pieces, park-goers still need to run through the full experience of Savi’s Workshop, priced at$ 199.99. The reasoning for this is so fans can, “obtain the main part of the hilt that includes the kyber crystal and crystal igniter,” otherwise there’s no use in seeking out the customizable lightsaber hilt pieces.


Disney’s dedication to creating an immersive environment for Star Wars fans shows how much they truly care about attendees’ experiences at their parks. Not only are the park’s already established features a perfect example of their engaging atmosphere, but Galaxy’s Edge’s upcoming attraction, Rise of the Resistance, will only add to the park’s already impressive chapter in Disney Parks’ book. Fans can only hope that their next venture, Marvel Land, will be just as ambitious as Galaxy’s Edge.

Positive feedback surrounding Galaxy’s Edge and attendees’ experience after opening day appears worth the price of admission. Disney Parks has created something that will live on as an indelible part of their history. Not only that, but it’s a wonderful love letter to Star Wars fans who have reveled in the detailed history and backstory that exists in a galaxy far, far away. And with the park’s atmosphere evolving alongside the narrative of the upcoming movies, it gives younger fans a chance to keep up with the story and all that Star Wars has to offer in its later chapters.


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Source: Disneyland News Today

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